Book Event: #CTCinPH


It was a blast yesterday, September 19, 2015. I had fun with my fellow readers and I couldn’t fathom what just happened during the campout and the book signing proper. Yes, you read it right. I went earlier the day before the book signing to be held at SMX Convention. Why? (1) My schedule restricts me to go to their book signing last Sunday, September 13, 2015, at SM Megamall. (2) The authors are Christine Brae, Tarryn Fisher, and Colleen Hoover — you wouldn’t miss the chance of meeting and taking pictures of them when you read their books. (3) There are only 200 slots for their book signing. So, that made me more determined to go and it was worth it! Totally worth it! I will share you here how was my experience and how I survived the night and the crowd.

There is the group Colleen Hoover Philippines and CTC in the Philippines. I have the intentions of camping out but I was afraid that no one will. (I know that there will be some, I’m just afraid since I will be with the other crowd than the usual circle of friends that I am usually with.) I am lurking in the group when Coleen Aira sent me a private message if I was going to #CTCinPH and #KCinPH, I told her my plans that I wanted to go to both signing but things changed because

(a) My original plan is to ask my sister to go to Shang-Ri-La Mall (The venue of Kiera Cass’s book signing event.) as early as 5am but I was afraid that something bad might happen to her so I told her not to go and I appreciate her enthusiasm and willingness to help me and nailed both signing events.

(b) According to my book friends who was there the attendees of #KCinPH reached 1.6k and they limit the book to be signed, two books per person. I don’t have the grudge on National Bookstore because they clearly state on the mechanics that they have the rights to limit the books depending on the situation.

(c) Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher visited us the night of camping! I was in awe. I posted photos on facebook groups and on twitter that we were outside SMX lining up for the event, that the security was making us leave the premises. And one of the best parts was when Christine Brae messaged us that she wanted us to be safe.


Isn’t she wonderful? She thought of her reader’s safety first. You will just love her guys! YOU. WILL. JUST. LOVE. HER.

Back to the main story, After Coleen messaged me, from Colleen Hoover Philippines, I found Seo Hye Ah that she is willing to go camping and take note: She is from Bukidnon in Mindanao! She flew to Manila just to attend and have a slot for the book signing, that was like miles away! I have to emphasize that I admire her courage for traveling alone!
Along with Coleen Aira, Seo Hye Ah, Roma, LouisLane, Nyla and Ally (Whom I didn’t see during the camp out but I’m pretty sure that she was there.) we made a group chat and we decided that we will meet at 10PM on MOA and stay there for the said event.


This was the time when the security and the group had an understanding that we will not stay in front of the SMX. We couldn’t do anything anyway. So, we stay on the benches and the guard told us that we can stay there until 1AM. It was a different guard this time and what we noticed was this guard was way kinder and more approachable — that’s why we coordinated with him.

Between 12AM to 1AM, LouisLane and I checked my post on CTC in the Philippines and we couldn’t believe that Colleen Hoover just sent a comment on the post!



That comment of mine “We are here in the parking lot.” Was attached by a group selfie — groufie?


After sending this photo…

WE JUST COULDN’T BELIEVE. There is this blonde woman who shouted: “WHY ARE YOU GUYS THERE?” (I think that was what she said.) It was Colleen Hoover herself with Tarryn Fisher! There’s a second of silence before the image sank in. They were there. They visited us. Like, Holy Sh*t. This can’t be happening. You feel me? It was awesome and amazing and unforgettable.

I would like to acknowledge Lionel for being ahead of us posting on the group. You will be a great newscaster!




With the other early birds, we took photos of ourselves with them. I would like to mention Reez because she received Marrow from Tarryn Fisher that I am willing to trade any books for it.


This was my photo with Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher and maybe this was also the photo that I will definitely cherish.

After this, obviously, we can’t still move on. We posted photos on Instagram and stalked them. Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher both posted a group photo and a video. And the caption touched our hearts.




And a friend of mine, Erika ( sent a message that she knew that I was the one hugging Colleen Hoover in the video.


That night, we were all blown by the authors. So, after they visited us we went to the nearest coffee shop and charged our body with caffeine, charged our phones and took our time in the restrooms.


Fast forward, we got our signing pass. After I got it, I shared it with my friends that they are giving away an Advance Reader’s Copy of a certain book on the Customer Service and I obtained this:


The White Rose by Amy Ewing! I will give this to Erika because I think she deserves this more than I. You’re welcome Royal Fey!

At 10AM I got the pass and went straight home — I will be needing a few hours of sleep and a bed. I got 3 hours of sleep and fully charged gadgets. And went to the signing! I would like to thank LouisLane who helped me signed my Never Never part 1 and 2 and made “Rafael” into “Ralbh” and allow Tarryn Fisher to write her name in my book. Hahaha. No worries! We’re good. I’ll just make you replace my copy. Kidding! Also, to Lionel who helped me to get my 4 books of Colleen Hoover signed.
(Edited: I’m giving the book Never Never to LouisLane since it has her name and I got an extra signed copy from Colleen Hoover!)


Here is my photo with Christine Brae grabbed from @designslya on IG.


My photo with Tarryn Fisher:


And of course, with Colleen Hoover:



I don’t know how I should describe what I am feeling from the past hours but this surely a memory to remember like what I’ve said from my Instagram post. What I’ve learned from the past two days of my life are:

You have to sacrifice some things in order to obtain your happiness.

Fight for what you want. If you don’t fight for it, it wouldn’t be worthy until the end.

Sometimes you just have to keep on holding on because you wouldn’t know what good might happen if you don’t keep believing.

The happiest when things happen in a spur of a moment.

Friendship stays together when you have each other’s back and it is more amazing that in a single night, you can build amazing memories.

For all the people I’ve been with THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE FRIENDSHIP.

To @christinebrae , Thank you. I love giving hugs and you are wonderful. You are always kind, supportive and amazing. You are so beautiful. If I could just give you a hug each day I will. I love you.

To @tarrynfisher , Thank you. You are so pretty. You don’t know guys how overwhelming it was when you visited us that night.

To @colleenhoover , You just said, “You are so cute.” Deep inside, I was about to explode. And you remember me!

Oh, and by the way, Colleen Hoover said that I nailed the most number of the person in her book!


Look guys! My baymax sweatshirt just got signed, I think I don’t want to wear this now.


And that’s the end of my blog! I just wish that my love reached the heart of my favorite authors!


Book Review: Another Day by David Levithan


Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance

Released Date: 25th of August 2015

Published by: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers

Over the weekend, I was able to finish Another Day by David Levithan, the second and companion book of the painful, gut-wrenching, heart shattering and soulless book Everyday. (Finally! I was able to get some time for myself.) Everyday is a kind of book whereas you will never wanted to put the book down once you started it. Same goes with Another Day, I can’t put the book down and I kept on reading it until midnight.

Another Day is a companion novel of Everyday where we can read with Rhiannon’s perspective. Like the first book Everyday, every line, every word, every thought is as much as painful as this. I don’t know if I’m going to shoulder all the pain and continue reading it or should I throw the book on the wall or burn everything. (Kidding!) David Levithan, once again, delivers a devastating story to his readers and I wanted to give him a slow applause.

Rhiannon is in love with Justin and there is this one day, just one day that he became so sweet, became someone, someone she didn’t expect to act out of his character. Justin is moody, he does everything on his own and Rhiannon’s knew it very well. With the widely and tragically writing style of Levithan brings us into a new set of thoughts that will make you stop and breathe, stop and try to analyze the painful words that you just  read and somehow, will make you realize that his words are true and raw.

What if one day, the love you thought was there wasn’t really there? The thing is, the love you knew was not really the love you thought it was. The love you knew was the love that you can’t afford, the love you can’t find — the feeling and the need that you cannot provide and will never be? This is what Rhiannon felt. A needy girlfriend that stuck with one boy and choose to be blind because she is in love – or that what she thought it was. The New York Best-Selling Author David Levithan gave us more than we are expecting — a story of life, love and lessons that will determine how much you can sacrifice and offer to someone you love so much.

Here are few quotes that pierced through my heart:

“It hurts that I can be so full of him while he’s so empty of me.”

“That doesn’t mean anything, does it? I mean, being with someone for over a year can mean that you love them. . .but it can also mean you’re trapped.”

“You shouldn’t have to venture deep down in order to get to love.”

“I’m tired yes but not of you.”

“I can care about you. You can care about me. But we can’t be together.”

“Sincerity. I think that’s the word for this. For meaning something so much that it can’t be anything other than what it is.”

My ratings: 4 stars

So, what is your opinion on David Levithan’s Another Day? Let me hear your thoughts!