Book Tag: “Would You Rather”


Okay, I was tagged by Erika; The Royal Nocturnal Fey to do the “Would You Rather Tag”. The tag was originated by Rachel Reads and I’m going to do it! If you already reading this, you are now obliged to do this book tag! I don’t have that much friends (I’m not loner, okay?) in book blogging world. So, I AM TAGGING ALL OF YOU.

  • Read only Trilogies or Stand-Alones?

I don’t care whether it is a Trilogy, Series or a Stand-Alone. I judged the book by the author’s writing style. I have to blend with their thoughts, I have to adjust and adapt with their words as if every phrase has its life. I want that kind of book, that’s what makes a good book for me. Every book has its own story, aside from the author’s writing style I would love to add as a factor is the plot. I want amazing plots, good character development, awesome world build up — I love foreshadowing! Whether the book is a Trilogy or a Stand-Alone, I don’t care. It’s just have to be worthy of my attention.

  • Read only Female or Male Authors?

I love reading books with Male Point of Views because unintentionally, I ended up reading books with Female Authors. Maybe, there are just a huge quantity of female authors out there or I haven’t discovered those Male Authors who are hiding somewhere the darkness. I love fantasy books and most of my owned books are authored by female. I don’t now but I have a huge amount of amazing female authors and I have little amount of male authors that can be found on my list. It would be awesome if there are Male Authors who write in perspective of a masculine and it is fantasy! Do you know some? Recommend me! I would love it!

  • Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

Never tried shopping on Barnes & Noble neither Amazon. I just stalk the websites only and let the temptation flow into my veins. Erika and I have a friend in the US which helps us to buy books that are only available or cheaper on abroad.  She really a blessing because if there’s no a friend like her, we — or maybe I am already dying on envy and jealousy, probably, dying too , literally. Because books are goddamn expensive here in the Philippines!

  • All books become Movies or TV shows?

Nope. Nope. Nope. As much as I like my favorite books turn into fantastical and magical adaptations, I have to say NO. There’s no way, I will allow books to turn into Movie or in a TV Show. Lesson learned. Hunger games? Naah. Divergent? Naah. Ender’s Game? Naah. and the fucking PERCY JACKSON! I’m not risking it. EXCEPT if there’s a 100% chance that the producer and the director and the casting and everything I imagine is going to be in the big screen. Otherwise, No-freaking-way.

  • Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

As much as I want to read 5 days per week, I can’t. There’s Officer duties, Academic Studies, Friendship commitments, Hangouts and Everything. So far, the fastest reading time that ever recorded in the history of my life is 3 books per day but I haven’t tried it again because of life. Been busy lately and I haven’t got that much reading. I wanted to but everything falls in the place and at the end of the day, most of the times, I can’t read because of exhaustion. 5 pages per day? NO WAY. I can take 5 chapters a day but 5 pages? NO. NO. NO. I’m not a masochist to torture myself and read 5 pages, its like teasing the love of life.

  • Be a professional reviewer or author?

Both! I always wanted to be an author and a professional reviewer! How awesome it would be to receive few ARCs while writing your own book and going to booksignings of your own! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

  • Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before?

Always read new ones that I haven’t read before! I have top books on my mind but I don’t want to stick with them. With my favorite genre, fantasy? It is so wide that I wanted to discover and travel and explore everything.

  • Be a Librarian or Book Seller?

I like the thought of being a Librarian but I don’t want to stuck there sitting and reading. I love to travel a lot so I’m going for Book Seller!

  • Only read your Favorite Genre, or Every Genre except your Favorite?

I’m choosing read my favorite genre! I have a wide of favorite and if you would turn this up side down, I very much read everything except classic. So… If I chose Every genre except your Favorite, it would be like, “Read every classic.”, that’s it. Just Classic. AND NO WAY IN HELL THAT I’M GOING TO READ CLASSIC. Its not my genre, Sorry!

  • Only read Physical books or eBooks?

Both! I prefer Physical Books but eBooks makes me a fast reader. Ebooks are convenient since you don’t have to bring your book and put it on your bag and taking up some space. But as a reader, you really don’t mind, to bring a book. Its just a matter of preference in different time. When you are home, you will choose Physical Books over eBooks, right? But when you are outside, you prefer to read on eBooks. Either way, it depends on the people, for me, I do both! If I don’t have money, go for eBook. If I have, I’m going to own the bookstore! If it is dark, I will be reading on my eReader, if I have free time, I will choose Physical copies than my eBooks. Either way, it depends on my mood.

Thank you for tagging me Erika! I will try to tag few followers that I have to do this tag!

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