Book Review: F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher

Fck Love

F*ck Love by Tarryn Fisher was released exactly on New Year’s Day. I was expecting a lot from this book since her Love Me With Lies Series (The Opportunist, Dirty Red, and Thief) really broke me into pieces and swallow me whole completely until the end. Personally, it is her best book out of everything she had written. F*ck Love started with Helena and her boyfriend Neil along with her best friend Della and Della’s boyfriend Kit.

Everything started with a dream. If you are reading the book, you’ll feel the mysterious vibes of F*ck Love with Never Never, I was confused at the beginning. I don’t know what am I reading and what happened to Helena. As it turns out, that she was having a dream. A dream that could change a lot in her but not everything. A dream that changes mostly everything in her life because she relies and keep on believing from that dream.

I received a gifted kindle copy of F*ck Love (Thank you #PLN) and I started it as soon as I downloaded the novel. I devoured into the book and read it until the end. The only thing that I could say is. I was really really disappointed Tarryn, I meant no offending on your part. You are a great author, lovable person and amazing fashionista but F*ck Love? Doesn’t met my expectations or I just really have high expectations. It was a good book but still Love Me With Lies is still the best for me.

For PLN’s out there. Don’t hate me. I love you guys. The book was amazing as a whole I just hate the ending. I don’t like how it ends. Because? We are talking about THE Tarryn Fisher here! She doesn’t make closure stories, she doesn’t write happy ones, she does love to hate and hate to love but this book probably, not for me. If I am going to change my perspective, I might like and love the epilogue but I am a tragic person. I don’t believe in happily ever after. But, I won’t tell to those people out there to not read F*ck Love. F*ck Love is amazing on its own way and I am just only one, voicing out my thoughts – there will be people who will love the book because, just simply because.

On the contrary, I love how Tarryn wrote her latest book, it was a different style, I like it. In the process of reading it, I couldn’t say if it was good or bad – maybe in between? I can’t say that it was bad since I couldn’t put my kindle down! I couldn’t say it was good since I can’t connect with the story. I’m in between, I guess. What I really find lacking on her book? It was the characters’ feelings and emotions. I can’t feel them — I couldn’t find sympathy or pity or anything with them, as if, I am swallowing and digesting her words whole.

I still love her, anyway.

My ratings: 3 stars


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