Books: Top 10 of 2015


Six days have been passed since New Year’s Day, it’s time to celebrate the Three Kings and to remove decorations of the last Christmas. Time to think deeply and realize what do you want to change for this New Year? Does it have to be “New Year, New You.”? Or you are planning to read some of books that you wish you have read from 2015? Here are my list of my top 10 books that really made into the top of my list ever since I’ve read them in no particular order:

25142924The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto made it into the top of my shelves last 2015. Everything from that book is pure magic, pure elegance and pure brilliance. I love how Mitch Albom written the book in the perspective of Music, like, really? You just made Music as a person and told the life of Frankie Presto and it was given justice! Not just justice, pure awesomeness. I couldn’t put the book down and continue reading the book until 4am and it was the only book that literally hail! I even bought 4 copies to gift out to my friends. The book deserves to be read and the readers deserves such an amazing book and I am glad that such book exists. Thank you Mitch Albom!

“There is a reason you glance up when you first hear a melody, or tap your foot to the sound of a drum. All human are musical. Why else would the Lord give you a beating heart?”

Adultery by Paulo Coelho20819682

Adultery by Paulo Coelho was my first read of 2015 – Yes, I read it on New Year’s Day of 2015 and Now, I’m reading again this New Year. It was really one of those book that I wish I didn’t read, I wanted to read them for the first time all over again and again and again. It was a masterpiece and epitome of what really could have been and what a person could do when they lost the ability to love, as if they are functioning like a machine. Paulo Coelho well delivered the feelings and emotions and thoughts of the character. How she is struggling to love her husband, how she’s yearning for something new, for something exciting. It was breath-taking. It was a standing ovation and a realization that there’s more to love and life and everything than you already know. Just find yourself more.

“We aren’t who we want to be. We are what society demands. We are what our parents choose. We don’t want to disappoint anyone; we have a great need to be loved. So we smother the best in us. Gradually, the light of our dreams turns into the monster of our nightmares. They become things not done, possibilities not lived.”

15704459Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

Firefight by Brandon Sanderson gave me the story that I would abandon every predictions I made. That’s how Brandon Sanderson’s greatness influence my whole being. After reading the first book, Steelheart? You will really set your standards with his book, high and he will never fail you! I love Firefight the same way I love Steelheart and vice versa! It was mind blowing and action-packed and how he wrote with the flow of the story, you wouldn’t stop reading! Advice: You will never go wrong with THE. BRANDON. SANDERSON.

“We want what we can’t have, even when we have no right to demand it.

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami19288239

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami was painful – everything he write (I think?) is painful. I am believing that Murakami doesn’t know in his vocabulary the words forever, happy ever after and such. He made us to believe on his words and to gather our emotions – he has his own way how to project the beauty of emotions and surroundings. He knows how to hurt you and to soothe you. This book is a story of friends in which there are colors in their names and our main protagonist doesn’t have, which you could figure out on the title as “Colorless”, he spoke of his ordinary life and ordinary character. He craves for something – we all crave for something we couldn’t have and we desire something we see on others. We wish for something but not everything, we can obtain. And one thing that is really difficult to earn is love and sometimes, we go wrong on that path. That’s just the way it is. You look for your friends and groups not knowing that they already move on and you are still on the back, waiting for it. It was a sad novel and yet beautiful.

“You can hide memories, but you can’t erase the history that produced them.”

2021816Death Note: Another Note by NisiOisiN

Anyone who are fans of anime or who does watch anime? Maybe you already heard this: Death Note. The amazing death note and the mind-blowing one. I could actually give the anime a standing ovation and an unending stars to rate the amazing authors who think of this kind of story. I actually found out that there’s a prequel, a light novel that I could obtain. So, I ordered one and read it through. It was amazing and at the same time, goosebumps! It gave me a hundred goosebumps! I love this light novel! It was the story of Los Angeles Murder Case and the beginning of Kira. For all Death Note fans out there or for someone who just want to try reading a book that they will surely wouldn’t disappointed. I tell you guys, you will love this book. This won’t be here if it isn’t good.

“The most intelligent people disguise the fact that they are intelligent. Wise men do not wear nametags. The more people talk about their own skills, the more desperate they are—their work should speak for itself.”

Flowers of Grass by Takehiko Fukunaga21337013

Flower of Grass by Takehiko Fukunaga is a classic Japanese story that I wouldn’t thought I’ll get hook. I just give it a try and before I knew it, I was already at the end of it. It was a story of romance and finding yourself. A story who will hurt you deeply and indirectly and unknowingly. Flower of Grass is deep and wide journey of someone’s life trying to uncover the realizations of his decisions. What will you do when you couldn’t felt it? What will you do if you felt the same with your lover’s siblings? Sometimes, the one you seek is in front of you and not all the time, you all have the chances. Sometimes, you don’t have the latter and most of the time, you don’t have any of the two. Fukunaga written this story very well that you couldn’t put the book down. This book is one of my greatest finds and one of the stories that I will never let go of.

16034235Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Been a fan of fantasy for since, I was interested in reading. Never knew that I will fell deeply in love with another fantasy series that hasn’t even finished yet! Throne of Glass was introduced by my friends to read and I’d give it a try. I don’t know what I was reading until I digest everything in return, I read all of Sarah J. Maas and crave for more. What I felt on the first book was pure starvation of the continuation, what I felt in the second installment was pure awe and excitement, what I felt in the third book was pure character development and world building and here comes the fourth book that devastate everything what I was known on the first three books. It is amazing! I never expect Sarah J Maas to be that good, better even. It was difficult to write and build a development in each and every character you are going to introduce much more the world building. I’m in awe and for that, I’ll give my bow to the Queen of Fantasy, All hail, Queen Maas!

“Libraries were full of ideas–perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”

November 9 by Colleen Hoover25111004

November 9 by Colleen Hoover was one of the romance book out there who really struck a vein into my heart. As I’ve said on my blog, I don’t expect something on this book because Confess was really odd for me – it has a good concept, though, I can’t really connect. Back to November 9, I really like the idea of a writer and an actress, meeting, on just one day in a year. It seems impossible but who knows that this one could be true, right? The things is, what really amazing on this book is, is that, Colleen gave justice with her writing style. She went out with her comfort zone and gave the book a different approach in writing. And I love how the characters portrays and connects with their feelings. I could feel the emotions, I could sense what was coming but I couldn’t believe how the Manuscript changes everything. Just. Wow.

“You’ll never be able to find yourself if you’re lost in someone else.”

16151178Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

The definition of this book is masterpiece. I fucking love this book.

“Maybe one day you’ll come back. Maybe you never will and that’ll suck, but you can’t keep doing this. The blame and the self-loathing and the bullshit. I can’t watch that. It makes me hate you for hating yourself. I don’t want to lose you. But I’d rather lose you if it means you’ll be happy. I think if you come back with me today, you’ll never be okay. And I’ll never be okay if you aren’t. I need to know that there’s a way for people like us to end up okay. I need to know that there even is such a thing as okay, maybe even good, and it’s out there and we just haven’t found it yet. There’s got to be a happier ending than this, here. There’s got to be a better story. Because we deserve one. You deserve one. Even if it doesn’t end with you coming back to me.”

The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand17285330

I’ve becoming a less fan of Young Adult Contemporary category because mental illness is becoming mainstream. I am not an elitist but this one really struck me for the record. I could feel the main protagonist’s love and at the same time, her longing and agony. It was a mixture of devastation and depression. A tree inside her heart growing from the shallow grief. The story is the embodiment of hate and love. Hating yourself because of something you missed, loving someone because you thought you could be selfish just for a day and before you know it, you are crying and tears are starting to evaporate like the memories you build with your family. It would be better if you know when you told someone, “I love you.” Because, you will never know when they will be gone.

“You never know when it’s going to be the last time.”

That’s it!

Which book did you already read on my list? What do you want to read next? Tell me!

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