Book Review: Wandering Star by Romina Russell


It was December of 2014 when I came a crossed with the book entitled Zodiac, authored by Romina Russell, like any reader am I – I was curious. So, I bought the book and started reading it when 2015 started. I am a fantasy lover and I tell you, I don’t regret buying Zodiac. It was all worth it. That time, I was trying to find a different taste and different concept in the fantasy realm and Zodiac made it into my list! With the stunning cover, a debut novel, that you will never forget! It was a long story, fast-paced and before you know it, you want to read more, you want to know what happens next. Zodiac gave me the feelings of excitement and made me think what could happen next, what are the possible things that could happen and the world building – It was one of the novels out there that you would like to know more about the history of every houses. The novel was amazing, Romina knows how to end the conversation among the Guardians and made you feel devastated and angry and confused. She knows how to touch your heart and drown your heart with pain of the past.


Another year had been passed, then Wandering Star came out in the WS5stores, the second book of Zodiac . I was really excited. I even joined every social media giveaway of Romina Russell that I wish I won because it was a book! And Wandering Star! No one says no with the stunning, elegant and magnificent cover of Wandering Star! Zodiac and Wandering Star are purely magical inside and out. So, Last January 2, 2016, I bought a hardcopy of the book – Guys, you never know how excited and happy I am that day, I just wanted to cry and start to read the book. It was one of the amazing day of my life because who knows that I’ll have the last copy of Wandering Star! It was pure happiness! Since, academic first before book, I started reading the book late – 5th of January 2016. My expectations with this book is really high because how could you end the book with a cliffhanger? I was frustrated at Zodiac but I really do love Zodiac. I am going to make my friends to read this book. This book deserves readers and readers should never miss this kind of book.

Wandering Star is a fast-paced book like Zodiac, I’ll admit this, I took my time reading this book and I try to slow down, unlike my usual pacing. Why? I. FREAKING. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. I need to know every detail and I nWS1.pngeed to savor every happenings on this book and I feel so unworthy because I am suspecting Hysan! What’s wrong with you, Rafael?  Wandering Star is not the book you would expect, I theorize situations and predicted actions throughout my reading but none of them were become what I expected. Romina Russell brings us into another amazing journey of Rho Grace not as a Cancrian but as a leader. She shows us the beauty of Zodiac Universe, the importance of unity and character and the meaning of love. This second installment will make you fall in love more deeply not just to the character but also to the story. Every chapter is worthy, it will make you feel contented, excited, shallow, curious, sad, and betrayed but above all and anything else, and you will feel love and be one with the characters.

At the first part of the Wandering Star, I could feel Rho’s guilt. I can feel her longing and sadness, her confidence is decreasing and she could feel that she was the reason why something awful happened to House Cancer. With Hysan by her side, you can identify, instinctively, that Hysan is a power, a force that pushes Rho to move forward and to lead. And it was amazing! I couldn’t stop having goosebumps because the story was really really good! And I badly want more of them. Oh, please, Romina!

I like Miss Trii, she has the vibes of a mother and I like how she point out something so direct. “Of all the lessons your species has failed to learn, this one is the most tragic. Sometimes the best way to love someone is to let them go”, I like Lord Neith too, he cares Hysan too much that you don’t know what toWS6 do or what to pick when you were in their position. It was difficult. One of the admirable characters that I became fond of is Sage Ferez, I love his words and wisdom, how he pursue knowledge and store them and it pains me that when I reached into the ending of the book, in the Acknowledgement, that the snow globes idea was originated with Romina’s Grandfather. I would like to know a lot of stories of your grandfather, someday! I could imagine Sage Ferez as my grandfather too, he has a lot of teachings and philosophy, and his words are like flower at its full bloom with the hues of rainbows. He was like a Guardian who guides Rho to the right path. I’ll have great respect with Sage Ferez and it would be awesome if there would be a Novella or a short story about Sage Ferez.

WS2Another character that I am looking forward to are Stanton and Jewel!! I am shipping them! I would like to know more what kind of relationship they have in the future or am I going to receive a tragic one? Don’t do this, Romina. I’ve been tweeting you all night because I couldn’t accept what was happening. Just give me this one, please. Don’t break my heart, anymore.

Hysan. Hysan really knows how to deliver his words, his being flirtatious and cautious, and his being dependable. I couldn’t agree more that his decision were clouded by emotions. I wanted more. I wish Rho will choose Hysan in the end. And I can only wish. (Don’t worry, that’s not a spoiler. I am not going to give any clues. You need to read this book because it will really be worth it. I promise!) Hysan is too understanding, he deserves Rho but the question is are their feelings mutual? *evil grin*

Rho, Deke, Nishi – the friendship of this three is painful. How could you, Romina? I was reading that chapter late at night and you are going to give me that kind of message? It was the saddest chapter.

What really shocked me was Ophiuchus’ favor. I can feel the exhaustion with his thoughts, like it has been a real long journey and he wanted to stop. He desperately wanted to rest but he can’t.

Wandering Star is not a book – it’s a story of life and lessons, we devour into this novel to learn and believe me, you’ll never regret because there are so much to know, to experience and to love.WS3

Final Verdict. I couldn’t accept the ending. You just gave me an idea what could happen in the third installment and now, I have to wait for eleven months. Did you know what does that mean? I’m going to explode. This is really really good – probably better. One of those books that I will never forget and will keep on suggesting to everyone.


To Romina Russell,

Thank you for writing this amazing book, it touches my heart and soul. I could feel the flinch of pain, the longing of someone you love, the tears when you are writing this novel. I could feel them. They were perfect and amazing. I couldn’t believe that justice has been given to Wandering Star and to Zodiac Books. I believe sequels are the hardest part on writing the novel. I will never go wrong with you, Romina. One of the best author I’ve encountered and the kindest. Thank you for writing Wandering Star and I’m going to love the Zodiac Universe for eternity.

One wish: I wish you could write another series in the Zodiac Universe, it doesn’t have to be Rho Grace and either way, Rho Grace or not, I’ll be forever following every book you are going to publish. Continue writing and share your stories to everyone, we don’t know what stories have a huge impact into someone. I just love this brilliant book.


Rafael Ray Borja

The Royal Polar Bear.


My ratings: 5 glowing stars!

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