Short Story Review: Secret of the Algorithm and Human Enhancement: Sex, Drugs and Marriage by Stephen Oram


The Secret of the Algorithm by Stephen Oram

This short story shows the true nature of people. How we want to secure our future with technology, how we want to be seen by our social circles, how we are stuck with devices – that we are so inclined with statuses. The Secret of the Algorithm will give you the kind of novel that you wouldn’t expect. You seek for something because you wanted your status to rank up. Fame, Money, Status are what make up of this world. If you don’t belong in the higher rank you have to make a way, illegally or you have to make it to the top even if its cost you a lot. Read The Secret of Algorithm because it gives you a  different perspective of how this dystopian world works on its own, how an algorithm alternates everything on its own way just by acquiring data. This novella is set into a new probabilities in Stephen Oram’s Fluence.

Human Enhancement: Sex, Drugs and Marriage


You’ll be wondering how Stephen made this short stories about his books. I was blown away by how he interpret that devices and machines can stimulate your senses by just looking into a person on how well they do in sex or what are they idiosyncrasies. I was imagining how he described the function of the technology and it is incredible and scary at the same time!


Imagine a situation where you could watch a movie with a certain genre and it has a corresponding food to match the genre on your own preferences? It was way too cool! The world build here by Oram is brilliant but as I’ve said, scary at the same time. The food and the movie was based on your own preferences and there’s a mixture of potent drug for maximum viewing experience of the movie. Think about what could happen when things went wrong.


I admit, I am interested and caught by this world, I was like reading Sword Art Online in a book and more advanced. A chip on your head for faster communication with your family? Wow. And another great story! Stephen Oram give us a glimpse of what should have been useful and effective but in the end we lose something so precious.

Human Enhancement: Sex, Drugs and Marriage introduce us into a new technology of near-future fiction and told us the negative side of their technology or worse – possible theory in the future set in our world. Stephen Oram’s near-future world is so fascinating that I couldn’t help to ask myself if things like those exist and we are being indulge and eaten by the technology whole? What if scientific research and technology combined like in the Foodflix? It worries me how our social capacity to communicate with other will lose and instead go for intercourse because the devices tells you to and they stimulate your senses and how people in his book have so much trust with technology. Wow. So far, all short stories I’ve read our shocking and unpredictable, I would like to read more of them. And it is a little bit refreshing on my side since I’ve never encountered a book as good as this. I’m in awe.

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