Book Tag: The R.I.P. It or Ship It


JM from Revelations of a Bookfreak tagged me to do this Book Tag, the initial idea of this is we have to list names until we got 20 names or 30 names of a character — it doesn’t matter whether it is the main protagonist, the side character or the villain. It just have to be a character and we are going to pick randomly, from a jar where we put the names and dive until we get 10 or 15 pairs. Then judge the first to pair and so on if the matching should be R.I.P. It or Ship It, self-explanatory, whether you like the ship or not. So… Let’s start!

First Pair goes to Tamlin from A Court of Thorns and Roses and Manon from Throne of Glass Series.

Tamlin has a sense of mysteriousness. He knows what to do and how to protect. Manon is someone who loves to command and being misguided by the High Witch. I want to see some fanfic over this two characters. I think there’s a chance for the two of them. *yells* Feyre and Rhysand. Feyre and Rhysand. Feyre and Rhysand. *yells* — Ship It!

Second pair goes to Aelin Galathynius from Throne of Glass Series and June Aparis from Legend Trilogy.

Aelin is a badass fire-breathing queen, I love her. Her personality, how he rocks and kills everyone, how he loves dresses and forms of art. It was so beautiful and contrast from how did she grew up while June is dependent and intelligent, she also loves Day. Definitely R.I.P. It. — I couldn’t fathom if I ship the two characters. I just can’t. I want June to suffer and longed for Day. *evil grin*

Third pair would be Elend Venture from Mistborn and Chaol Westfall from Throne of Glass Series.

No. Definitely Not. Elend is only for Vin and only Vin and Chaol… I don’t like him in the first place. — R.I.P. It.

Fourth pair goes to Daniel Altan Wing from Legend Trilogy and A from Everyday.

Uhhh… This one seems a little bit off? I think? I don’t see the wise and strategic Daniel Altan Wing falling in love into a man, and a man who changes body Everyday. A might be selfless but I can see A falling in love with Day but the feeling wouldn’t be mutual. There’s no consistency. He wouldn’t fall for someone who will let go of him sooner or later.  *Oops. Spoiler.*

Fifth pair would be Dorian Havillard from Throne of Glass Series and Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson Series.

As much as I want Annabeth to be Percy, I couldn’t help it shipping this two adorable fictional characters. Dorian is adorable on his own way and Annabeth is gorgeous as ever. If the two of this characters meet up on some point, I will definitely Ship them all the way! I know. I know. I am Team Celorian and Team Percabeth but how could you miss this kind of pairing? They both would look gorgeous and imagine how their babies will turn out! — SHIP. IT.

Sixth pair goes to Gus from Bright Side and Nastya from The Sea of Tranquility.

The pairing looks balance, at least for me. Gus is full of enthusiasm and positivity, influenced by Kate, his best friend. Nastya is full of negativity and painful thoughts from her past. Imagine, if this two characters had an opportunity to meet. I know that Gus could change Nastya and change her perspective to life that there’s hope and smiles out there. On the other hand, Nastya may seem to be negative with his life, I know that he will be contented and satisfied with the presence of Gus, like with Josh. (Sorry Josh!) Verdict? I ship them!

Seventh pair would be Hazel Levesque from Heroes of Olympus and Nikolai from Grisha Trilogy.

I. SHIP. IT. Hazel from the underworld? Nikolai as a prince? Oh. God. They are perfect! The contrast of their personality will make them attractive on their own way!

Eight pair would be Hysan from Zodiac Books and Vin from Mistborn Trilogy.

R.I.P. It. Hysan is only for Rho and Rho Grace only. No one else. Sorry Vin! But you know, that I ship you with Kelsier, right? Even if he’s too old for you and then there’s Elend, who will always there.

Ninth pair goes to Darkling from Grisha Trilogy and Lysandra from Throne of Glass Series.

Definitely! The darkness vibe of Darkling and Lysandra’s abilities? Oh. Darkling will definitely love Lysandra. *SPG* — Ship It!

Tenth pair would be Ben from November 9 and Warren from Maybe Not.

NO. First, their personalities will collide. Ben is a writer so he wants anything is under his control. He is a silence person and somewhat understanding. Second, Warren is for Bridgette only. I ship them hard. Third, They couldn’t possibly be! I don’t have anything against LGBT but I love how they already paired with their fictional partners. — R.I.P. It. Sorry. But I know, some of you, deep inside, Shipping this two. *glares*

Eleventh pair would be Kate from Bright Side and Asher Hunt from When It Rains.

Gods. Why does they have to be paired each other? If there will be a story with this two? It would be the most heart breaking, soul shattering fucking book ever. You’ll go down and devastated with them and you’ll get broken and crushed. Probably the book I’ll definitely cry on the first Chapter. Gods, I don’t know how this pairing went up. Even if there’s no happy ending with the two, even if I know Asher has a Kate (from When It Rains) and Kate (Bright Side) has already Keller. I know, that I am shipping this pair. Gonna, love them folks! You’ll just have to love them. And die on the process of knowing both of their story. Mark my words.

Twelfth pair would be Rhiannon from Everyday and Alina from Grisha Trilogy.

Rhiannon is self-absorbed and she is blinded with her love with Justin until A came into her life and then there’s Alexander… while Alina, I shipped her with three males on Grishaverse mainly Mal, Darkling and Nikolai. I don’t see the two of them would have an attraction, maybe friendship will be there but desire into a romantic relationship? NO. — R.I.P. It.

Thirteenth pair goes to Bridgette from Maybe Not and Rho Grace from Zodiac.

Nope. Not gonna happen. Bridgette is too wild for Rho and Rho is too young for her. I don’t see the two sailing. — R.I.P. It!

Fourteenth pair would Kate from When It Rains and Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses.

This one’s funny, Kate’s problem is something she keeps from the past and couldn’t move on with the present. Rhysand is someone who is mysterious and wanted to make someone his. Kate wanted to be seen and to be loved. Rhysand seems wanted to be loved but by all means, he prefer someone not someone like Kate. Kate has no motivation and determination with life, she goes on and on until she drops and drown with his tears. Rhysand is the complete opposite. He seeks for something he desires. — I am going to say, R.I.P. It. They won’t workout. Disclaimer: After putting my imagined celebrities into this post, on second thought, they are both good physically with each other, I am going to change my mind! I say, SHIP IT!

and the last pair goes to… Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson Series and Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Nope. I am a huge fan of Percy Jackson and I am devoted to Percy and I am supporting him to Annabeth while Feyre falls in love with Tamlin, I couldn’t imagine her being with Percy. Their physical attractiveness might be there but they will end up as acquaintance in my perspective. — R.I.P. It.

It looks like, this tag is not for me, I can’t ship some characters with others or vice versa. I wanted them to remain on their own story but if I would be given a chance to read my pairings story specially Kate from Bright Side and Asher Hunt from When It Rains, It would be my honor to cry for them. Thank you for reading!

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I hope you had a great time reading my blog! Thank you so much!

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