Book Review: The Lyre Thief by Jennifer Fallon

Lyre thief

I requested this galley because I was attracted since it was under the fantasy category and I never knew that I am falling in a trap — This book. I don’t have any expectations, I don’t have any clue with the plot, I haven’t read the summary on goodreads and when I started it to read if I’m going to hooked by it, I don’t really know what happened. I was like digesting the story and sucking wholeheartedly the amazing writing style of Jennifer Fallon. I read the quarter part of the novel within less than an hour! I think, what really caught my attention with her book is that it was so beautifully written that you keep on wanting more. Rakaia a princess on one of Hablet’s harem was departed to marry a high court royal to build ties for Fardonhya, with the underlying and magnificent political views, her mother Princess Sophany made arrangements on her own to save her daughter from the secrets of the past and to have a secured future. In this fast-paced Novel, The Lyre Thief, will make you crave for more and will understand each characters decisions and sentiments. The twist and decisions of the characters and how characters are linked into one another, they are like a whole clan, building an empire and dynasty. The Lyre Thief is focused on the stories of multiple characters that will dive you into another realm of magic.

I am grateful that I chose to read this book because I was so interested what kind of life the characters could lead. There are so much introduction and perspective with this book and I’m already looking forward what could the second installment could bring to their readers. I wanted to see more perspective and action. I am expecting some magical stuffs and amazing world description. I wanted to read glimpse of flirting (Team Kiam and Charisee!). I wanted to know more about the gods and their symbolism.

I have so much hope for this book and damn, I am already looking forward to the Book 2.

Ratings: 4 stars!

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