Book Review: A Blast from Two Pasts by Kristel Villar

A blast

I will be completely honest with this one. I was never a fan of Filipino authors and before I know it, I already agreed to join in the book tour. I think someone told me that this one was originated from wattpad or something like that. Never been a fan of Filipino authors unless it was Ricky Lee or Bob Ong.

Well.. somehow, I didn’t regret joining on the blog tour. The book was good and light read. I already expect the worse when it comes to Filipino published stories because I was traumatized the first time I tried to read a published Wattpad story. (Don’t be offended Ms. Author) So, I am going to praise this one. Blast from two past is a story of our female protagonist, Cara, who have been left by her boyfriend for a year and a childhood crush came into her life, Lucas. I have to admit that I am coping with the writing style and the setting in the book — I’m not used to. The story is light, while reading the book, I felt irritated with Cara, I never liked her and my first impression? Really? A childhood crush? What a cliché of all cliché’s.

This book may be cliché, well all romance are cliché and predictable but somehow, the author deliver the lines good and the construction of words are very well. I just couldn’t imagine the characters in real life talking in English when you are in the Philippines, they are like high-end people who are above the society’s class. Either way, it was a good read. I can’t say that I like it through and through and I can’t say I dislike the entire book. The story might be simple and balance but it has a sense of coping at the first phase of reading.

What I dislike about this book is that, the author seems have a delusions about guys with complete package deal who seem have a high standard on their physique. It a trend in romance, I guy that will make the women drool and swoon and sees it as a perfect and a model and everything a women could possibly wish for a guy to be. In some point, I would like to read a novel where flaws are pin pointed and shows how a guy improved. There’s no perfect guy. It would be better if their lower their standards in describing them but I am not against it, maybe that’s how they see when they are in love, they couldn’t see the flaws so they focus on how great their partner is.

Again, it may seem predictable but I like how this book ended. I wish that she write it longer because I keep on thinking Ollie, I can’t see the closure between the two. Either way, if you are craving for some short read, I would recommend this book.

My ratings : 3 stars

Why did I rate it 3 stars? I’m saving the 2 stars for improvement. I’m expecting more and not bad for a first book!

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