Lucky February

It looks like February is my lucky month and I couldn’t get more thankful for what life brings before this month ends. I believed I won 10 Giveaways in this month, received gifts from my friends and colleagues and despite the struggling part of myself, I still enjoy what February has taught me – to cherish everyone that surrounds you and look at the positive outlook of life. Today, February 29, 2016, a leap year that every four year have, Facebook says that I have to make this day as special as I can but I didn’t. I succumb into my bed and keep myself on my room and read a book. What a waste of the day, right? But for me, it wasn’t and it will never be. It is the perfect day for me, reading, sleeping, relaxing, and taking the pleasure of the luxury that doing nothing, its perfect. I couldn’t ask for a busy life. I’ve been into a busy part of my life this year and I just wanted to maximize the rest that I am going to have in the present.

I am so grateful that I won 10 giveaways, and who would have thought that I am that lucky? What I learn? Enter the giveaways that are going to throw at you! Just enter and forget them, you don’t need to wait for the announcement who won or don’t anticipate that it you’ve been chosen, just a lot a few time to enter and go back to your life and continue living the shit that you are taking. Life’s not simple, it’s a matter of choices and decisions and mostly risking. If you don’t take advantage of something you wouldn’t get the thing that you want, if you became too humble and forgivable, you’ll lose the thing that you pursue. 5 giveaways I’ve won are from goodreads, What a score right? Then I won a signed Throne of Glass from Reader’s Collectibles, then Signed Gus by Kim Holden from the author herself, then I won in Twitter from @inahreads an ARC and some swags, then Author Pintip Dunn will be sending me some Forget Tomorrow swags and some book plates! And on my birthday, she gifted me a book from The Book Depository and I will not reveal the title until then, then I received the book that I won from Kristen Hunt on Twitter, the Blonde Eskimo, which is I am reading now, I’m halfway through and its good.

There are a lot of negative things to look in life if you are going to go in detail per detail but despite those pessimistic side, I wanted to choose today the optimistic side. It wouldn’t hurt, I’ll spread the things that I like and love. No matter what, I am appreciative and thankful that this February became so productive. I just have one wish, I hope the vacation that supposedly that I enjoy is still out there to take but no, it was indulge to my internship but I guess, it wasn’t for me this time but I’ll find time for myself. I love to spend my time alone, it makes me think and look at different angles of my journey, sometimes, it’s hard, sometimes, I don’t know If I am doing the right thing —  well, that’s life, right? The whole concept of life is trial and error, you’ve done that and you are good at something then you don’t like something and you enhance it. I hope writing this kind of thing makes me see my goal. Writing probably one of my strength and I wanted to improve, maybe, sometime. For now, I’ll share my thoughts and some part of my life. It may be that much but it is something worth reading.

Things that I’ve learn this February:

Take every chances that you can take, no matter how small it is, it will make your change higher than not taking it.

Look back and learn, there are people who doesn’t want you to achieve the things you wanted to achieve, there are people who have crab mentality, don’t bother and don’t meddle with them, they are the people who doesn’t know how to look what’s the best in a person.

You are a walking novel, a book that has been in a journey, you have a lot of journey to write, to tell and to discover, you don’t need to focus on one thing, you may have some priorities but don’t let those priorities take your time, you have yourself and remember that time for yourself is worth it, every second.

And lastly, be yourself, don’t pretend and try to maintain as you are or change for the better. Don’t be contented but it wouldn’t hurt to treat yourself of something out of your limit.

We are people, we crave for something and we desire for things, we yearn for attention and we like socializing, be yourself and you’ll find your way, you may be hesitant and doubting yourself. Remember, you are still 21, younger than most of the people, you are not even halfway through, there are a lot to learn and love and let go. Don’t focus on one things, you have all the opportunity and you are still on the process of growing and discovering yourself, don’t make life difficult, be slow and you’ll get there. Until then, Rafael. Happy Leap Year!


Book Review: Gambit by C.L. Denault


“Willow, this….tension… between us is unsustainable.” His warm hand, still at my waist, slid to small of my back. “It will destroy us both. We need to call off the tigers.”

“Easier said than done, ” I muttered. “Mine doesn’t like you very much.” “Well, that’s a shame. Because despite the conflict, mine is becoming quite fond of you.”

I demand a hardback copy of the Gambit by C.L. Denault! Holy Shit! This book is crazy, I was so judgmental that it took me days before I started to read Gambit. I like how the touch of black to the cover and the dagger is appealing to me but the wings of a butterfly? Really? I shouldn’t judge the book, as the old saying says And then here I am, vowing to read the second book! Its fucking great, After reading for like a few chapters, like 80% on the book, I checked again the cover of the book and despite the butterfly wings, I loved the book — and it turns out that I will love the cover, the cover has meaning on the book and you’ll love it, and you wanted the cover to stay as it is. I have a huge urge of asking the author to change the cover but NO it was fine and elegant as it is.

The story is great! Like, shit,”Why did I even judge this book in the first place?”, it revolves with our main character, Willow Kent, whose life is about to change, like a normal dystopian novels, it’s a cliché in a way but you wouldn’t get tired of it because this novel is a game, a game of chess where our characters play with their tongues and manipulate people into their own liking. I find this book interesting with the little amount of Tem, our protagonist childhood friend who propose his love to Willow on the day that her life’s about to change and Reece, a Core Officer whose obliged to the responsibilities of old London which is called Core in this book. This book is fascinating, it introduce how the world outside the Core, it was rough and it needs survival instinct to play safe with people who surrounds you. And it introduce us to what Core can do with technology. The book is set in future and gives out the vibes of a dystopian. I love how the author mixed technology with fantasy with some bound limitations, how she mixes personality of our protagonist and I definitely love how she manage to think and come up with some well manage thoughts of the characters and I really really liked it when Willow and Reece debate on some things about their life, its good. I was like reading and imagining two intelligent and cocky people debating life then their perspective then the rules then everything that’s get their way or what seems their emotions feel.

It’s amazing that C.L. Denault gives justice to the fantasy aspect of her book and I’m really looking forward more of that on the second installment. I will definitely follow this author’s novel. Gambit, from the title, is a move, where everyone takes risking decision, and it is entirely what our protagonist is. A tigress, a fierce and bold lady, an intelligent and gorgeous woman whose life is about to change. The combination of elegance and luxury and the uncontrolled emotions of Willow is really good, the longing of the past and the advancement to the future is the same, it has a touch of balanced nature of the novel and it seems I’m in love with it! Otherwise, I wouldn’t finish this book less than a day!

The author gave us the on and off relationship of our characters, I won’t mention names to be ship with our character since, you might be spoiled but I am wishing and shipping them to the end! Like, wow! This guys needed to be in love for doing such an argument! I find it interesting because both of them has a sense and they are fighting for what they think is right or what is abide to the rules. And then the author is telling me that a Core Commander cannot marry?! Like, how dare you, play with my feelings! I felt shocked, I don’t want that. And there’s Morry, Willow’s biological mother whose attitude is beyond my grasp! I hate her, I don’t feel her —  I can’t feel her, I wish I could, but I don’t. I like Fenn’s than her, Fenn is Willow’s Father. He’s really good. If Fenn’s really said the right thing then maybe, A little hope, Morry is just hiding the mother she is, what kind mother she is when her daughter is in danger and all she worries is her reputation? Like, what the fuck, are you kidding me? Talking back to her father, Fenn’s really good on welcoming Willow, I like him, he tries hard to accept her but I don’t know if I should also give my full trust with him, I have this side that I think of it that it is only a facade for Willow to see but there’s also side of me that trusts him, that he is sincere of Willow being there. I don’t know, this author is so good at hiding things and twisting everything you could ever think, I did predict Willow, for who she is but everything? I didn’t. I was so focus on reading that I didn’t thought that I just read a 556 pages long book, well, according to goodreads, and caught up with everything that I need more!

This book is a mixture of brilliance and intelligence that can make any readers hooked up with its few pages, and indulge with its amazing world plus the author’s not good but one of the best writing style I’ve ever read and it will bring you to the world that you wouldn’t imagine that you’ll love and hate it both at the same time. I assure you guys! Don’t judge this book by its cover because this one is definitely one of the best reads of my year!

Thank you C.L. Denault for writing such a good book, I can’t think of any word to describe how magnificent and marvelous how this book started and to think that this book is your first debut novel, you did really a good job on writing this one and I am here waiting for the second installment! And where can I get a hardback copy of this book? This book needed to display on my shelf! I love this. I fucking love your book!

My ratings: 5 stars! If I could rate more than 5, I could rate this book to infinity!


7520394C.L. Denault is a speculative fiction writer who loves dreaming up tales of adventure and intrigue. A former systems analyst, she gave up her nerdy code-writing skills to stay home with her children (including a son with special needs), and currently lives among the vast stretches of cornfields in Illinois.

Writing and blogging are two of her passions, along with drinking coffee and watching sci-fi and horror flicks. When she’s not hanging out with her family, she can usually be found at a library or tucked away in the shadowy corner of a hip coffeehouse. She’s also been glimpsed sneaking into her garage, late at night, to work on her time machine.

She enjoys connecting with people (especially those from other planets, dimensions, and the future). To find her, just visit her website or The INFJ Café. Or use a Stargate. Whichever is easiest.

Cover Reveal: So Much More by Kim Holden


Howdie, people! The cover for #SoMuchMore by #KimHolden is finally revealed! And I like it!! Blue is my color and will ever be. From the author of Bright Side and Gus who make us cry — a lot and from the author of All of It, who make us believed that there’s fate and second chances. Finally announces her new book, So Much More to be released on the 29th of March!

Now, who’s excited, other than me??!

Here’s the plot of So Much More:

Love is strange. It comes out of nowhere. There’s no logic to it. It’s not methodical. It’s not scientific. It’s pure emotion and passion. And emotion and passion can be dangerous because they fuel love…and hate.
I’m now a reluctant connoisseur of both—an expert through immersion. I know them intimately.

When I fell in love with Miranda, it was swift and blind. She was the person I’d elevated to mythical status in my head, in my dreams.
Here’s the thing about dreams, they’re smoke.
They’re spun as thoughts until they become something we think we want. Something we think we need.

That was Miranda. She was smoke.

I thought I wanted her. I thought I needed her.

Over time reality crept in and slowly dissected and disemboweled my dreams like a predator, leaving behind a rotting carcass.

Reality can be a fierce bitch.
So can Miranda.

And I can be a fool…
who believes in dreams.

And people.

And love.


Tell me, what are your thoughts? I think this book will be fucking great on my hands. We can all do epic!!

Book Review: Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn + Giveaway

Forget Tomorrow

Okay, I was browsing on goodreads when I came a crossed with Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn, it has a magnificent cover that literally caught my eyes who are attracted to gorgeous covers, I went on twitter to find out if there are any social media platforms that I could find to connect and surprise as I may, I found out that there’s an author page on Facebook and never knew that I will discover that this interesting underrated dystopian novel is one of the fantasy literature that we could find.

What I really noticed on Forget Tomorrow is that the connection between the author’s dedication in the book and the our protagonist love for his sister, that she wanted to protect her and to give her all the love that she could be beyond love, it was like a dedication of oneself to another. And it was both amazing and touching at the same time, being loved is something but being loved back is surreal.

The story set in futuristic where the government determine and find out what your future memory tells you and from there, it will be your access to everything, its greater than a degree, it serves as a recommendation to have a job and stable life in the future. What sets in this books is that Callie, a young girl whose only wish is to protect her sister from any danger because of the transparent psychic powers of her sister and the her genetic history with her parent — to be specific her dad makes the story intriguing, questionable and fascinating all at once with the mix of curiosity and interest.

Callie waits for 17 long years to received her future memory, a memory that will define her for who she is and for what she will be in the future, but not everything went on how you wanted to be, a young chef at heart was crushed by the system’s prediction made Callie a devastation and only to found out that in the future, she will be the one who will kill her sister.

Emotions reeked out of her, the systems interrupt with her life and detained her into the jail until she commit the predicted future, all else comes into a brief and narrow point of escape, which brings us to Logan, her childhood friend, which she loses years of friendship in the past. The fast-paced book of Pintip Dunn makes me want more, yearn for more and read for more, you may wanted to look for everything and continue reading the book. What I felt in this book is a mixture of anger, longing, romance, sadness and a lot more of adventures. I wanted to see how will they work, what will happen next and what are the possibilities that will lie ahead.

Pintip Dunn is such a good storyteller that makes her readers devoted to read her book, continuously, in one sitting. Forget Tomorrow is a good book that deserves any readers attention. With the outstanding novel, from the plot to the unwavering anticipated character development, to the relationship building, I need to emphasize that Pintip Dunn is such an amazing writer that made me feel goosebumps and chills. I love her writing, her approach in the environment of her story. It is definitely worth reading!

My ratings: 5 stars

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Pintip croppedPintip Dunn graduated from Harvard University, magna cum laude, with an A.B. in English Literature and Language. She received her J.D. at Yale Law School, where she was an editor of the YALE LAW JOURNAL. She also published an article in the YALE LAW JOURNAL, entitled, “How Judges Overrule: Speech Act Theory and the Doctrine of Stare Decisis,”

Pintip is represented by literary agent Beth Miller of Writers House. She is a 2012 RWA Golden Heart® finalist and a 2014 double-finalist. She is a member of Romance Writers of AmericaWashington Romance WritersYARWA, and The Golden Network.

She lives with her husband and children in Maryland. You can learn more about Pintip and her books at

I have to be numb.

Its 1:00 AM in the morning and I’m writing this shit. 2015 has been so rough for me and the term ender for my 2nd term is super rough that in some point of my life, I think I needed to break, what I mean in break, is like literally break, not the one that defines that I need a vacation or what. Those fine and rough and difficult days, those are the days, I wanted to cry, to yearn, to despite and to curse myself. It made me question myself that, “Am I really deserving of such position?”, “Do I have the abilities to lead everyone and will they follow?”, things got mixed up, situation got worsen, I have huge responsibilities on my back that I can’t refuse to deny, I have commitments that I never thought that I would have, connections and broader social circle — expanded, it was never my intention to be in this place nor to be in this kind of position. I agreed upon this because I need to and I have to. And in some point of life, I wanted to discover myself, I wanted to pursue what I love and like all along. On 2015, thanks to Mommy Jane and to Daddy John, that I discover my love for travelling, where my love in photography, came in. I wouldn’t expect that I have those kind of abilities to shot such a good image of nature.

Whereas, I learned that I am so fond of animals and nature and flowers, it was not a fluke, I am really inclined with the sea and the night and the cold brittle sound waves, I was attracted with the beautiful crafted stones of the nature, I like how my feet feels on the rough surfaces of the sand with the overflowing sea breeze. Things go well on my social circle, on the travelling aspects. I learned a lot from Mommy Jane and Daddy John, I thanked them for what they taught me during those days. I was devastated, I could feel the hatred inside me that time, I could feel the mourning of my heart and the freedom I desire. And for the first time, I stepped out of my comfort zone and go with the flow. I loved it but everything has consequences.

It was BER months of 2015 that I know that I’ll get a tight schedule ahead, I was fond of planning my ways and days ahead of time. So, I could keep track of what things needed to accomplish. Last year, I felt the exhaustion, that my body wanted to collapse — the ritual of getting up in the morning, feeling exhausted and the thought of another day of tiredness and torture that you wanted to get over immediately, it was a long process and it was hard to endure. Do you know the feeling when you don’t want to go into the world and just lie back down on your couch or on your bed and have it in your own way but the society tells you that you need to get up and fuck yourself over there and stand and take a bath and study for the rest of your life and enjoy the moment but you can’t enjoy the moment because it wasn’t your passion in the first place and your heart keeps on telling ‘No’ and then there’s your brain, telling you the right thing to do is just to obey, since, you couldn’t do anything on the first place.

Admittedly, I was in a state of somehow depression, I don’t have any time for myself, I feel like, I don’t do anything good, I shit anything I got. I feel nothing that no one wants to obey but wanted to rule them. How ironic right? Manifestation of how our government runs today and how Filipino picks their vote. It wasn’t a good choice though, and with that, I wasn’t a good choice, really — they just don’t want the work , so, I got the work on my own and since denying and rejecting the offer is out of the option, I couldn’t do but to compel with how the things are.

As I am writing this, I don’t feel anything, I don’t even feel that today is my birthday, that I am spawn and lived 21 years on Earth. What should I feel? Happiness? Excitement? Nervous? I don’t know. What I feel is, that there’s a hollow on my chest that I couldn’t reach that goes on deeper and deeper that becoming a void. I should feel excited right? I should feel happy, right? But I don’t. I am writing this maybe because I feel the longing and the sadness both at the same time, I can feel that I am not loved, I feel that I am not special, I feel that I was not supposed to live. Why am I telling on the public what I feel? I don’t know, what I know is, I wanted to write it down and let this get off on my fucking chest.

How can others see the good in me when I don’t even see who is really me? How am I supposed to believe on myself when all the time I hear inside my head are the hesitations that wouldn’t let me sleep? How am I to keep up with everyone when a 21 shitty person like me, couldn’t even do the right thing on simple things? Yes, I was warned, I was threatened, I was faced and shouted at, I was tease at and from all those negative vibes around me, I feel so low of myself that I wanted to bury my shame and myself and everything.

Sometimes, I wanted to burst out and lead a life that everyone will hate but that’s not the life I wanted on my future, I try to handle things and keep up but I couldn’t do otherwise. I wish it just a challenge, an obstacle to face, and will get soon to get rid off. I have plans for my life and I wanted to attain them, and I have to accept the fact that there’s no easy way to achieved those goals. So, to the Rafael Ray Borja, I am today, a 21 year old self, I just wanted to tell you that… There’s more to life than yourself, there’s more to everything than you think, you just need to be wise, learn to adjust and adapt.

There are so much struggles ahead, your fear to the head of the school, your fear of the system from the current administration, the loyalties of your co-officers and your fear, on how, people see you. Remember that everyone cannot be please, there are people who are difficult to understand and it takes them to understand but please, don’t be a mechanically robot human who follows on orders which isn’t right, you have to take a stand.  The problem with how Filipino works is that age defines us the authority to the younger ones, with greater maturity, the greater their power to control the ones who seems to bloom. And I wanted to change that, that wasn’t and that shouldn’t a system work, everyone should learn to understand the way of people. Sometimes, leaders, high leaders have a point but they are clouded because they are seem to focus on themselves, they have good intentions but they don’t have the right implementation.

I wish people look more and stand more, don’t fear someone, and I wish that the Rafael within me, understand those words that coming from him, himself.

Because you are now 21. 21 years of living, a you don’t even know anything about this fucked up world. You need to be braver, fiercer, stronger, if not, you’ll be the one who’ll get to suffer.

Learn to let go. Learn if you needed to be. Don’t let others take advantage of your kindness and resources, people are only there because of two things, it is either they want something from you or you want something from them. Its either you will use them or you’ll get used. That’s how people works, even if you wanted to believe that, it wasn’t. And I’m still hoping that there are still good people out there who will witness, what I’ve got, what I achieve, if there is anything.

Success are hard to attain as failures are hard to accept but that’s what life bring us, to conquer and to love what has left, like a doom that you couldn’t compare with death. We strive for anything we want but sometimes, in any extent of your effort, it wouldn’t be good nor better on some people. There’s no such thing as a credit when your just a mere pawn, you are just a pawn of kings and queens who rule the chess, the game of lives and they took all the credit for what kind of success that you put your blood, pain and sweat — and in the end, you’ll just have to play and survive to become a king even if people are discouraging you, even if they are telling you things that you don’t want to hear. You need to survive, and if not, everything will fall, and with that fall, you don’t know if someone will catch you because there’s no such thing as lighter fall, every fall is so hard that it can damage you, not by physique, probably in the heart — emotionally and mentally.

There’s a lot life brings in, but what I really desired most is to be loved in which I never felt. With the deafening silence, I could feel my heart’s thump, the beating life that I owned and yet I could feel the sorrow, and the thorns of my agony. The grief that I have in my soul is tearing up, and yet the only thing I could do is to succumb myself to sleep, for with sleep, I’ll forgot the things I never feel. Let me feel the numbness, that way, I could get control of the things and I wouldn’t get hurt.

So long emotions, I abide you farewell!

Book Review: Teresa & Chris by Ryan Gavini


This is my first time reading a book, authored by a Filipino writer and the main genre would be somehow between Inspirational and Religion. I agreed on this reading tour since, It was my first time, trying to widen my perspective on reading Filipino writers and one factor that I think, I agreed was because it would be a refresher for my usual genre and I wanted to support a local author.

Teresa and Chris is a short novel in which God talks within a soul of a fetus, a baby in dreams, it was a fascinating story that can acquire and learn from a person who is knowledgeable of theology and philosophy. The novel taught me that there’s more to life to discover and to learn, that there are other things that we could do, all we need to do is to believe and follow and somehow, have faith and hope.

This interesting novel that captivates my attention and captures my perspective in a wider and broader way, engulfs me into a new world, to understand easier the knowledge and the philosophy behind a religion that even science couldn’t explain nor investigate. This book is amazing and truthful in some ways, that it discusses different issues that have been happened, happening and soon to occur in my own home country.

I like the book, it has a sense, it does not get boring, you’ll understand where the author is coming and you’ll get to know more an understanding about religion if you are religious, or somehow inclined with spirituality, this may be a book for you. I highly recommend this book to those people who have an open minded-perspective and tell me what are your thoughts, after reading this book.

My ratings: 3.5 stars.


When I was a Philosophy teacher in 1997, my professor told me, I better write a book. I asked her on what I should write. She replied that I just have to put down into writing the lessons I teach to my students. Her name is Dr. Beverly Luceño. It was an eye-opener. So I attempted several times in drafting a manuscript but never got it completed. I was usually up to the introduction.

It was in 2001 that I finally completed one, “The Word,” and published it locally in 2004. Ten years passed when I entered the e-book publishing first with Amazon and then with Smashwords in 2015

My desire to write was first sparked when I read the novels of our national hero, Jose Rizal, during my high school years in the seminary where I also learned about the scriptures. That prompted me to practice writing through my diaries. When I got into college, my brother, Reggie Gavini, started to keep a collection of inspirational books in our room. There I was enlightened by Og Mandino, Tony Robbins, Jaime Licauco, Helen Shucman, James Redfield, Dan Brown, especially Neale Donald Walsch and Paramahansa Yogananda.

My brother, a psychology graduate, used to tell me about Carl Jung’s collective unconsciousness. As I go on with the journey of this life filled with mysteries, I’m most likely to believe that all that we say and write are somehow connected in one way or the other with the rest of humanity, present and past. In our subconsciousness, there lies a storage of vast memory of the books we read and words we heard from others even way back to our previous lives. So my deep gratitude to all…

Book Review: Fire Falling by Elise Kova

Fire Falling

What could I say? Elise brought me to the world of Sorcerers, to the land of Solaris with the knowledge of the Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern tribe with the unending humid of powers that could destroy every reader minds with the glimpse of the chapters and the dancing words of the Fire Falling. It was exquisite, stunning, magnificent, bliss and outrageous. This book is the pure definition of powerful strength, deafening pain and boastful rage. It made me feel confused, angry, betrayed, manipulated, controlled and stabbed. Fire Falling is way better than Air Awakens, I love Air Awakens so much that I have to choose Fire Falling for the author’s unique writing style. It made me love the characters to the point that I have to cry and yearn on someone’s death, it made me feel confused for what was on Aldrik’s mind, for what Vhalla’s simmering emotions mean, for Daniel’s intriguing kindness and for Baldair’s spontaneous decision that you will wonder if he is helping you or destroying you.

Eise Kova gives us the imagination to see beyond the magic and the realm that she created, she gave us the unwavering romance and the intensity of connection, she gave us the plot the least we expected and the unpredictable actions of the character. Fire Falling is more than a masterpiece, it was a story that was summoned with a rough thick paper and the colorful ink that stored in for a long time in a person’s brilliant mind and collided with the wonderful imagination of powers.

This book gave me more than frustrations than I ever had with myself, it gave me hope, it gave me lessons, it gave me life, as if the whole book is the stormed upon its readers. It crashed everyone’s heart, it destroys everyone’s mind, and most of all it conquered our soul. What do we expect with Elise? It was a lovely novel that you couldn’t put down, you have to go on and read it until the end, until Elise could crash everything what have you’ve been known, what have you’ve been believed. It is a book that will shatter you and love you all at once despite the antagonist of the novel. I love how things turned out on this book, Vhalla’s character development, Prince Aldrik’s revelations and decisions and the Emperor’s true form. They were all like connected and in some way, they are linked to everything.

With the outstanding emotions that this book gave me, I compel and I have to emphasize how beautiful this book written was, the thoughts are coordinate, they are inclined, you could feel the longing on Vhalla’s voice, the pain she was shouldering and the training and façade that she’s been enduring, she was selfless and she’ll do everything to save someone’s life. A library apprentice at heart and a windwalker at mind, Vhalla knew how to make her readers fall in love with her. Kova’s imagination with her amazing writing style gave us a dimension of another fantasy that we are going to fall in love – all over again.

My Ratings: 5 cliffhanger stars!