Book Review: Air Awakens by Elise Kova

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I finished Air Awakens by Elise Kova in less than a day. I was digesting and inhaling the book, it was half amazing and half brilliance making it a complete masterpiece. I am a huge fan of fantasy and my friend Erika, The Nocturnal Fey, keep on insisting and convincing me to read the book but I couldn’t get through since I have academic priorities and such but then, I pick the book today and try to indulge with the story. I was really observant what page I am when I read but this book, I never expected something with this book, It brings out my imagination and look for other perspective, it makes me crave for more and read for more, I literally fan over with Elise’s Characters’, I wanted to know them more.

So… I love it. Damn, I never knew that I will love Air Awakens so much as my friend love this book. I was in total awe. It was like completely teleporting in a new world that you wish that you are one of them! I wanted to live on the Tower of Sorcerers but I don’t want to be surrounded by toxic people – like the senate.

Vhalla Yarl is a Library apprentice in the Imperial Library under the mentoring of Master Monhed. From the very start till the end, I f*cking love it. A girl who reads and love the library other than reading? You never know how I love Vhalla, she’s one of the protagonist out there who isn’t annoying, irritating, and she’s not one of those protagonist who make spontaneous decisions that will lead to her grave. I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH THAT I WANTED TO OVER SEE HER CHARACTER’S DEVELOPMENT. (I am not Prince Aldrik, but If I was given a chance…Why not?_

The Fantasy Realm has huge impact and it makes me wanted to know more about the histories, culture and tradition on The Solaris Empire – not just on The Solaris Empire, I wanted to know more of the whole world, like I wanted to know everything.

Air Awakens literally made me hooked with its politics and mysterious of the war. It kept me to question myself, “Why do they hide so much for Vhalla?”, “Why are they so keen with the Sorcerers?”, “Why do I keep on supporting Prince Aldrik even if I hate him so much to the point that I wanted him for Vhalla?”, “What are the intentions of Prince Baldair?” and in the end, all I can figure out is, FUCK. THE. SENATE. Do you know the feeling that I wanted to help them to build a new system and yet, No, you don’t give a fuck about them, they are live the evil piece of shit who destroys your hope for someone, they just don’t do that, they just don’t go out and meddle with private things that they don’t know. I hate them. Gods. GO AWAY EGMUN. I can smell you, bastard!

Now, Let’s go with the Characters.
As I’ve said, I love Vhalla, she has instinct and her love for books are deep! I can totally understand her and she doesn’t pick a decision when she have been given. She is wise and smart and above all, a beauty. She has an outstanding observant and she knows how to adapt and adjust with her surroundings. You’ll love her through and through, you will understand where her anger is coming from, what I wanted to know more about her, her history and her family.

Sareem. Childhood friend of Vhalla, he seems persistent and a co-apprentice of Vhalla, I think he loves Vhalla but Vhalla doesn’t even have a clue. And I hurt for him! Unrequited love is painful as being your heart broken. I wish Vhalla could see the love that Sareem been hinting. Though, it still hurts!

Roan.  I believe this girl is someone who is closed with Vhalla, she’s a side character but there’s an importance on her role, I’m actually looking forward what will happen next on the series. I wanted to see her more and add her on the list that I’m going to oversee.

Master Monhed. The head of the Imperial Library, you’ll get to know him, I don’t want to spoil everything to you. Grab Air Awakens now!

Prince Aldrik and Prince Baldair. I don’t know if I should like or hate the two prince. I can’t seem to understand both of them. They are like Fire and Steel, that cannot be mended and somewhat capable of everything you ask for and you didn’t ask for. Prince Aldrik is irritating, he keeps on giving the public a façade, a mask to wear, he doesn’t wanted to show his nature, he was too guarded and you’ll hate his decisions. But those decisions, are somewhat is the best for the situation. He may have a tongue like a snake and a bad reputation but you’ll understand him, if you try to look more in-depth but I really thing that I hate him and I like him and then, I hate him again, it’s kindda frustrating! Prince Baldair is someone a womanizer, he also have a bad reputation but not that bad like Prince Aldrik, Baldair is somewhat carefree, he loves to meddle on someone business and sniff his nose into things. I don’t know if I should trust this kind of man but let’s hope for the good!

Egmun.  Head of the Senate. You’ll hate him, loathe him, despise him and curse him.

Air Awakens is a beautiful novel, I don’t why, but I nearly loss an amazing novel out there, I wish I grab and read this earlier. The cover was fantastic, I love how the illustrations and the covers been drawn, I like the titles’, and they have this thing that you wanted to stare at them because they are so well created. And maybe, it was a good thing that I started late! Because, The Third book will be release on February 11! That was like 11 days before my birthday! I’m excited with Fire Falling (Book 2) and the Earth’s End (Books 3) will totally start on reading them after my incoming Finals.

My ratings:

5 star affinities!


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