Ask Colleen Hoover on Goodreads!


Okay, I’ve been inactive lately because my exams are killing me. Tomorrow would be my last day of exam and I am hoping for the best and you know what? I’ve been dying to pass all of my subjects and I don’t know, I hope everything will go well and here, I need a break, a little, writing this little piece of a blog. So, I received an e-mail from Goodreads and it says that Colleen Hoover is taking some questions and would love to answer, I give it a chance. I flood her with a lot of questions but I am so happy and excited to share you guys how awesome she is! Two of my questions are answered and I am hoping that all of my questions would be answered BUT that’s not how she works. And I am glad that she noticed it, THANK YOU. Let it be my lucky charm for tomorrow.



If you have some questions, head over to goodreads and try to send some questions to her!

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