Book Review: Fire Falling by Elise Kova

Fire Falling

What could I say? Elise brought me to the world of Sorcerers, to the land of Solaris with the knowledge of the Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern tribe with the unending humid of powers that could destroy every reader minds with the glimpse of the chapters and the dancing words of the Fire Falling. It was exquisite, stunning, magnificent, bliss and outrageous. This book is the pure definition of powerful strength, deafening pain and boastful rage. It made me feel confused, angry, betrayed, manipulated, controlled and stabbed. Fire Falling is way better than Air Awakens, I love Air Awakens so much that I have to choose Fire Falling for the author’s unique writing style. It made me love the characters to the point that I have to cry and yearn on someone’s death, it made me feel confused for what was on Aldrik’s mind, for what Vhalla’s simmering emotions mean, for Daniel’s intriguing kindness and for Baldair’s spontaneous decision that you will wonder if he is helping you or destroying you.

Eise Kova gives us the imagination to see beyond the magic and the realm that she created, she gave us the unwavering romance and the intensity of connection, she gave us the plot the least we expected and the unpredictable actions of the character. Fire Falling is more than a masterpiece, it was a story that was summoned with a rough thick paper and the colorful ink that stored in for a long time in a person’s brilliant mind and collided with the wonderful imagination of powers.

This book gave me more than frustrations than I ever had with myself, it gave me hope, it gave me lessons, it gave me life, as if the whole book is the stormed upon its readers. It crashed everyone’s heart, it destroys everyone’s mind, and most of all it conquered our soul. What do we expect with Elise? It was a lovely novel that you couldn’t put down, you have to go on and read it until the end, until Elise could crash everything what have you’ve been known, what have you’ve been believed. It is a book that will shatter you and love you all at once despite the antagonist of the novel. I love how things turned out on this book, Vhalla’s character development, Prince Aldrik’s revelations and decisions and the Emperor’s true form. They were all like connected and in some way, they are linked to everything.

With the outstanding emotions that this book gave me, I compel and I have to emphasize how beautiful this book written was, the thoughts are coordinate, they are inclined, you could feel the longing on Vhalla’s voice, the pain she was shouldering and the training and façade that she’s been enduring, she was selfless and she’ll do everything to save someone’s life. A library apprentice at heart and a windwalker at mind, Vhalla knew how to make her readers fall in love with her. Kova’s imagination with her amazing writing style gave us a dimension of another fantasy that we are going to fall in love – all over again.

My Ratings: 5 cliffhanger stars!


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