Book Review: Teresa & Chris by Ryan Gavini


This is my first time reading a book, authored by a Filipino writer and the main genre would be somehow between Inspirational and Religion. I agreed on this reading tour since, It was my first time, trying to widen my perspective on reading Filipino writers and one factor that I think, I agreed was because it would be a refresher for my usual genre and I wanted to support a local author.

Teresa and Chris is a short novel in which God talks within a soul of a fetus, a baby in dreams, it was a fascinating story that can acquire and learn from a person who is knowledgeable of theology and philosophy. The novel taught me that there’s more to life to discover and to learn, that there are other things that we could do, all we need to do is to believe and follow and somehow, have faith and hope.

This interesting novel that captivates my attention and captures my perspective in a wider and broader way, engulfs me into a new world, to understand easier the knowledge and the philosophy behind a religion that even science couldn’t explain nor investigate. This book is amazing and truthful in some ways, that it discusses different issues that have been happened, happening and soon to occur in my own home country.

I like the book, it has a sense, it does not get boring, you’ll understand where the author is coming and you’ll get to know more an understanding about religion if you are religious, or somehow inclined with spirituality, this may be a book for you. I highly recommend this book to those people who have an open minded-perspective and tell me what are your thoughts, after reading this book.

My ratings: 3.5 stars.


When I was a Philosophy teacher in 1997, my professor told me, I better write a book. I asked her on what I should write. She replied that I just have to put down into writing the lessons I teach to my students. Her name is Dr. Beverly Luceño. It was an eye-opener. So I attempted several times in drafting a manuscript but never got it completed. I was usually up to the introduction.

It was in 2001 that I finally completed one, “The Word,” and published it locally in 2004. Ten years passed when I entered the e-book publishing first with Amazon and then with Smashwords in 2015

My desire to write was first sparked when I read the novels of our national hero, Jose Rizal, during my high school years in the seminary where I also learned about the scriptures. That prompted me to practice writing through my diaries. When I got into college, my brother, Reggie Gavini, started to keep a collection of inspirational books in our room. There I was enlightened by Og Mandino, Tony Robbins, Jaime Licauco, Helen Shucman, James Redfield, Dan Brown, especially Neale Donald Walsch and Paramahansa Yogananda.

My brother, a psychology graduate, used to tell me about Carl Jung’s collective unconsciousness. As I go on with the journey of this life filled with mysteries, I’m most likely to believe that all that we say and write are somehow connected in one way or the other with the rest of humanity, present and past. In our subconsciousness, there lies a storage of vast memory of the books we read and words we heard from others even way back to our previous lives. So my deep gratitude to all…


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