Lucky February

It looks like February is my lucky month and I couldn’t get more thankful for what life brings before this month ends. I believed I won 10 Giveaways in this month, received gifts from my friends and colleagues and despite the struggling part of myself, I still enjoy what February has taught me – to cherish everyone that surrounds you and look at the positive outlook of life. Today, February 29, 2016, a leap year that every four year have, Facebook says that I have to make this day as special as I can but I didn’t. I succumb into my bed and keep myself on my room and read a book. What a waste of the day, right? But for me, it wasn’t and it will never be. It is the perfect day for me, reading, sleeping, relaxing, and taking the pleasure of the luxury that doing nothing, its perfect. I couldn’t ask for a busy life. I’ve been into a busy part of my life this year and I just wanted to maximize the rest that I am going to have in the present.

I am so grateful that I won 10 giveaways, and who would have thought that I am that lucky? What I learn? Enter the giveaways that are going to throw at you! Just enter and forget them, you don’t need to wait for the announcement who won or don’t anticipate that it you’ve been chosen, just a lot a few time to enter and go back to your life and continue living the shit that you are taking. Life’s not simple, it’s a matter of choices and decisions and mostly risking. If you don’t take advantage of something you wouldn’t get the thing that you want, if you became too humble and forgivable, you’ll lose the thing that you pursue. 5 giveaways I’ve won are from goodreads, What a score right? Then I won a signed Throne of Glass from Reader’s Collectibles, then Signed Gus by Kim Holden from the author herself, then I won in Twitter from @inahreads an ARC and some swags, then Author Pintip Dunn will be sending me some Forget Tomorrow swags and some book plates! And on my birthday, she gifted me a book from The Book Depository and I will not reveal the title until then, then I received the book that I won from Kristen Hunt on Twitter, the Blonde Eskimo, which is I am reading now, I’m halfway through and its good.

There are a lot of negative things to look in life if you are going to go in detail per detail but despite those pessimistic side, I wanted to choose today the optimistic side. It wouldn’t hurt, I’ll spread the things that I like and love. No matter what, I am appreciative and thankful that this February became so productive. I just have one wish, I hope the vacation that supposedly that I enjoy is still out there to take but no, it was indulge to my internship but I guess, it wasn’t for me this time but I’ll find time for myself. I love to spend my time alone, it makes me think and look at different angles of my journey, sometimes, it’s hard, sometimes, I don’t know If I am doing the right thing —  well, that’s life, right? The whole concept of life is trial and error, you’ve done that and you are good at something then you don’t like something and you enhance it. I hope writing this kind of thing makes me see my goal. Writing probably one of my strength and I wanted to improve, maybe, sometime. For now, I’ll share my thoughts and some part of my life. It may be that much but it is something worth reading.

Things that I’ve learn this February:

Take every chances that you can take, no matter how small it is, it will make your change higher than not taking it.

Look back and learn, there are people who doesn’t want you to achieve the things you wanted to achieve, there are people who have crab mentality, don’t bother and don’t meddle with them, they are the people who doesn’t know how to look what’s the best in a person.

You are a walking novel, a book that has been in a journey, you have a lot of journey to write, to tell and to discover, you don’t need to focus on one thing, you may have some priorities but don’t let those priorities take your time, you have yourself and remember that time for yourself is worth it, every second.

And lastly, be yourself, don’t pretend and try to maintain as you are or change for the better. Don’t be contented but it wouldn’t hurt to treat yourself of something out of your limit.

We are people, we crave for something and we desire for things, we yearn for attention and we like socializing, be yourself and you’ll find your way, you may be hesitant and doubting yourself. Remember, you are still 21, younger than most of the people, you are not even halfway through, there are a lot to learn and love and let go. Don’t focus on one things, you have all the opportunity and you are still on the process of growing and discovering yourself, don’t make life difficult, be slow and you’ll get there. Until then, Rafael. Happy Leap Year!

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