Book Review: Blonde Eskimo by Kristen Hunt


I have to quote Neiva’s, our protagonist, a thought that I felt with this book.

She found it both fascinating and horrifying at the same time. — Yes, I found this book both fascinating and horrifying too! I keep on imagining myself on Neiva’s place during the first few chapters of Blonde Eskimo, even I, will be scared of what is happening on myself if it something like that happened to me. Who wouldn’t scared seeing a trace of their grandfather’s image with the same scar and same face? Who wouldn’t get paranoid when your dreams felt like real and when you wake up the ribbon on your dreams appeared to be in your reality? It is indeed scary.

Kristen Hunt has a really good writing style, it’s simple and direct, you could grasp what she wants to deliver and portrays, she knows no bound to give her characters a life. It’s majestic and magical. Blonde Eskimo is a story of Neiva, her clan and the origins of supernatural. Well, that’s how I saw it, the story that this book fore told is based on supernatural but in a different sense, its like we knew that vampires are afraid of sunlight and they drink blood but in this book, it’s like a different supernatural, in reality we consider them vampires but with this book they are considered as different entity. Ms. Hunt describes in her book that stories, legends and myths are evolved, so that stories, so who knew what was the real story behind every story we’ve encountered. (There is no way that Vampires exist in this book, but the general and specific idea is existing on Blonde Eskimo, I just state it as an example, so that people will know what I am talking about — which ended up, not pretty good. I can’t express it!) Blonde Eskimo gave me a mysterious vibe, like, what is happening in here? Why is Neiva seeing a ghost? or like, Why do they have to do that? or something, Why Nate is so irritating and mysterious at the same time? Particularly, I have a lot of questions with this book as I am reading. I don’t know what to feel, I love fantasy and yet this book gives me the complete mysterious vibe and I am not fond of it, I don’t know how to react. Well, in the end I love this book, its good and it gives me a refreshing story to read, not the typical supernatural we’ve heard of, not the typical werewolves, vampires, mummies or whatever cliché supernatural. This book is unique and has to be read, it will dive you into a new world of Light and Dark, you’ll discover the meaning behind every animal. You’ll encounter different characters like Nate, Viv, Blake, Darius and Gabriel.

Speaking of Nate, well, Nate is the sort of childhood friend of Neiva whom I tend to ship with her in the beginning. HOW I NOT? On my perspective, Neiva is attracted to Nate’s feature and it feels like Nate has a harem on this book and by the way, I don’t mind! I like the idea of Nate having three beautiful ladies on his side. (Holy Shit! He’s the man! Kidding! Hahahaha.) And then, there’s Darius, who touches and warms Neiva’s heart, I don’t know if I should be happy with her or be furious with Kristen Hunt, I was shipping Nate with Neiva then Darius introduces into the story. Mind you, this is not a love triangle  or is it? I don’t know, I don’t think this is one of them. Then there’s Gabriel, really? How gorgeous can you be Neiva? Then there’s Blake! Oh, seriously! SERIOUSLY. I am definitely shipping Neiva and Blake so hard! They dance right? They did!

Blonde Eskimo is magical, it expose us into the world of Light and Dark, it tells us that there’s neither good nor bad with the two, it’s just a matter of beliefs and people tend to assume that when we say “dark”, it is something evil, something furious and aggressive and when we say “Light” it is something good.

I love how Kristen Hunt understand her character Nate, I feel the same sentiments with him on this part:

“You know, it’s hard watching over three girls, and it’s especially hard understanding them. You think you are doing the right thing and suddenly  you find out you’re doing the wrong thing. You even get yelled at for looking  at them the wrong way. Then one minute  you like one girl and then the next you like another. I just don’t understand.”

I really feel him on this part. I really really did! He has a point and honestly, I don’t understand girls, they are like confusing, they love sweets but they don’t want to get fat. They demand for attention and yet when you say their ugly, they’ll get angry, Really? What’s wrong with you, girls?!

Blonde Eskimo has a lot of lessons and perception in life, you’ll learn from this book. It may be exhausting thinking that our main character has a lot of responsibilities and to think that there’s more than what she can see, there’s so much to discover and to lighten up, so here’s my favorite quote from the book:

“Telling the truth is a great quality, Neiva. A lie might be a good thought at first, as if you were protecting someone’s feelings, but the truth is always better in the end, even if it sometimes hurts.”

This novel brings new life into her readers. Kristen Hunt gave us a new book to discover, to cherish and to love. A new world that yet to find, an island hiding within our reach, a magical place that we’ve love to live. With the enchanting and magical place of Dark and Light, with the power of dreams — we got into a journey, an experience that we will remember and an adventure that we will reread on the future. Blonde Eskimo is not just a story that a writer has been written, it is a history that needs to unfold. Thank you, Ms. Kristen Hunt for giving and sharing me a story that the world needs to know.

My ratings: 4.5 stars



Kristen Hunt is an artist and writer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She is an avid fan of movies, graphic novels and Young Adult literature. Anything evolving fantasy and supernatural experiences captures her interests. As a young child Kristen visited her family in Nome, Alaska and learned of her Eskimo heritage. Her Grandmother, known as the blonde Eskimo because of her golden hair and blue eyes, told Kristen the many legends found throughout Alaska, such as the Ishegocks, totems, and much more. It was these stories that inspired Kristen to write her current novel.

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