Interview with Hazel West


  1. What inspires you to write Blood Ties? When I was writing a short story, I pretty like it when I go with the flow of the character’s thought. Do you plot the outline or do you go ahead whenever your thoughts brought you?

Usually, I will plot a book for several months before I actually start writing. Sometimes I’ll be able to get a complete outline done, and then sometimes you just need to wait for the inspiration to come to figure out where to go next. Likewise, some books I can write straight through, whereas others, like Blood Ties, I kind of write in parts.

  1. How did you end up writing a book that focuses on urban fantasy with the combination of ancient Irish legends? And of all the legends out there, why the Irish legend, specifically.

I’ve always loved folklore and mythology, and Celtic history so it made sense for me to put them together. I’ve done several other books that focus on Celtic history, and some that even had fantasy involved, but I love reading urban fantasy and I thought it would be fun to combine it. You don’t see a lot of stories that focus on the Irish legends apart from faery books and I thought it would be cool to write one.

  1. How does it feel to publish a book? Any advice to those readers who wants to be a writer on their future?

I love getting the opportunity to share my stories and characters with other people. One of the most fulfilling things for an author is to hear that people enjoy them. And for those aspiring writers, first and foremost, write what you love. And write for yourself first and don’t worry about what other people think of it. And read. It’s a lot of hard work, and sticking with it is another important lesson, but it is so rewarding when you finally finish that first story—you’ll just keep doing it!

  1. How did you come up with their names? When I was reading your book, it feels like I am reading an old and modern name or in between. I don’t know what to feel but it seems that I’ve taken a liking on with their names.

Most of the names I used are traditional Irish and Celtic names, some of them are just more modernized to easier reading.

  1. If you are going to choose between the unlimited supply of your favorite coffee and an unlimited supply of books in hardcover format, what will it be? (Do I really need to ask this? Yes!) You have to explain, why! 

I would definitely love a houseful of hardcover books, providing I could still have coffee at some point!

  1. Name your top five favorite books of all time.

Okay, this is always a hard one. Today they are:

Sherlock Holmes

The Princess Bride


Three Musketeers


  1. Describe in 5 words what we should expect or look forward to the Book two of Blood Ties.

Faeries. Parties. Princes. Freckles. Mini-quiches (that’s two)

     8. What was the hardest part of writing Blood Ties? The most crucial, difficult and bloody or painful part of writing the novel?

The bloody and painful parts are actually the easy ones because any time you have emotional scenes the characters pretty much just help the flow of the story go along. I think the most difficult part of this one was figuring out what King Lorcan’s motivation was.

9. Quote, your favorite line from Blood Ties! Pick one. Your favorite among them and why did you choose it?

Well so I don’t give a spoiler, I’ll choose one that was most fun to write, a scene between Killian and Eamon (who are always amusing) from pg. 234

Killian: We did the rope out the rope out the window, the classic.

Eamon: He dropped me.

Killian: It wasn’t pretty. Nor very majestic.


Thank you, Ms. Hazel West! Thank you so much!!!


3 thoughts on “Interview with Hazel West

  1. Celtic history (well… ALL things Celtic!) is the best! 🙂

    Ooh, Holmes and Jackaby! 😀 …Now I need to read Inkheart even more. o.o

    “Faeries. Parties. Princes. Freckles. Mini-quiches” My goodness, I need book 2 right now! 😀 *flails*

    Loved that exchange about the classic rope out the window. “He dropped me.” “It wasn’t pretty.” Those boys!! ❤

    Fun review, thanks y'all! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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