Book Review: Calamity by Brandon Sanderson


“Failure is refusing to fight. Failure is remaining quiet and hoping someone else will fix the problem.”

Brandon Sanderson has made it again. He never fails to seize writing a masterpiece as much as giving us an amazing book under the fantasy genre. He gave us another book that eventually we would love to read all over again. Calamity is a book where you don’t need to expect, to predict, or to find answers — everything on that book, everything Brandon Sanderson writes will never meet halfway through your theories.

The hypothesis of your understanding is not enough. Expectations on the last Reckoner Book was already set too high. And for the love of God, he didn’t just met our expectations — my expectations, he exceeded on writing Calamity. This book, it is terrifying, thrilling, and exhausting all in one. You wouldn’t get the ordinary action-packed novel with him.

You will devour the novel as its the reverse definition of superheroes. Where supposedly people who have powers are the ones who saved lives — but not. The impressive writing of Sanderson will bring you hooked with its fast-paced style.With the never-ending awesomeness of the Reckoners Trilogy, I gave Brandon Sanderson my full respect with all of my heart.

From the first book Steelheart that I made me hooked that I never knew that I will love to Firefight that everything the readers read is not it seems the way it is and to the last and final book, Calamity, which gave us a glimpse of another dimension, another adventure, another journey and another hope. I thank Brandon Sanderson for writing such a literature that will mark in the history.

Calamity is a book where things started in plotting to gather weapons and ammo for the Reckoners new plans of infiltration — or somehow, for saving someone from the darkness. It went well with Knighthawk, a friend of Prof, who established and designed and manipulated the Epic cells and turn them into weapons. David, our protagonist, wise and devoted seems became the head of the group because he has no choices just to take it up and move forward.

With the help of the members — Cody, Mizzy, Abraham, and Megan they went and strategize for their next move to go to Ildithia for that was the location of their targeted high epic. Being in that area, feelings of struggling of finding the way out and going completely one on one with one of the High Epics might be the irrational decision that they are going to do and the most logical one out there — and the only option they have.

On the hopes of everyone, in the middle of the book, you would question how can these people fight for the world when they are only five left and nothing much to do when they win? Why don’t they stop and have a life and adapt and adjust to the changes by surrounded by powers? What motivates them to move forward? What kind of determination has they to go all out with their life on the line?

Brandon Sanderson taught me that there are different kinds of people, there are good and evil, there are people who are kind to protect your back and be by your side when you needed them. And then there are people who have principles in life — they do what they needed to do for they know what are their goal in life. Calamity is full of lessons, twists and unexpected turns of events. You want to grasp everything he wrote!

Discovery of another realm, questions lingering around — life to look forward. The author never fails to amaze me that he can pull off that kind of emotion, that kind of feeling, and that kind of work. He’s so good that even some foreshadowing on the book, that I was aware of didn’t spark on my brain to think that something might occur. He knows how to write and what to write. They felt like real — the dimensions, the characters and the story, it feels like they are part of the readers, that we were there, having on the same scene, being in the same fight.

He has a magnificent mind with a brilliant concept. Calamity is a book where you already gave up and accepted the things that happened in the past two books then eventually will give you all the feels and the comeback on the third one as if you’ll feel all the shocked and the overwhelming thoughts. Brandon Sanderson is really really good, I tell you.

I didn’t expect that I would love Calamity as much as I love Steelheart and Firefight. I took my time finishing and reading this book. I already have this book on its release day but as a reader I am, I don’t want good books to come to an end. They are the kind of books that you want to trade a time of your past for you to read the whole series for the first time.

Damn. This book is so great. You will love the characters as you love the story. You’ll love them and eventually you will love the author for writing such an incredible, funny, and amazing series! I tell you — YOU WILL NEVER GO WRONG WITH BRANDON SANDERSON

My ratings: 5 stars! Damn, this book is worth a hundred stars.

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