Book Review: Echo by Pam Muñoz Ryan

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Mike took it all in: the kitchen, the laughter, the smell of chocolate cake that had been made for trying.

He closed his eyes, hoping to capture this moment so he’d always remember when and where he had once belonged.

I would like to give my huge gratitude to Author Kelly Bingham because if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t discover Echo and I am thanking her because she gifted this book asking nothing in return. Such a good soul!

I received this book way back on January, I was surprised when I have this book as my gift! It was huge and it was on hardcover — and I love it! After reading a lot of books, I pretty ended up with Echo. I didn’t know how I choose or even started reading this book. I think I just woke up and then I decided to pick the book.

For starters, I’m usually intimidated with the size of the book but this one — the 592 pages novel took me 2 days to read it. And it feels like I just inhale the book and then the other day digest it. It was — it is really good. I like how the author wrote the book. It feels like I’m on the head of children. Full of questions and thoughts. I could feel they desperate longing for love and warm. I could sense their deepest emotions and their passion for music.

It’s amazing. Really. Aside from The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom that I’ve been hooked and loved. This one made me fall in love all over again with music and it gave me the feeling that, ‘I wish I haven’t read this book because I would love to read it for the first time — all over again.’, that’s how I felt, that’s how this book good is.

Echo is composed of three stories — the combination of discrimination, pain, sacrifice, believing, love, longing, suffering, acceptance and talent. It’s about three aspiring musicians who wanted to pursue their love for music, musicians who wanted to share their hearts and to make the world a lighter place even darkness is lurking.

The author’s writing style and her way of building each character’s personalities are pure brilliance. She captures the heart of the child and she wrote a well thought of a child. You’ll instantly feel sympathy for them, wishing that you could have done something for them. Echo is a realistic book — the factors and edges are so real. I felt so many emotions on this book that there are parts that I wanted to cry or just lie down or look up because it’s painful.

Echo feels like I’m merging myself into the beautiful depths of music that waits for me to induce myself with its magical beats that form the rhythm of love and the existence of happiness. It made me feel that there’s hope everywhere, that giving up is not an option and believe on yourself because there’s so much in life than you have.

It teaches me to look back and to appreciate life. The challenges faced by oneself is also your battle. Echo’s set of stories are mentally tragic and emotionally exhausting but you’ll appreciate the ending when you go that far because it is the definition of euphoria that you will love the turn of events and how the author polishes and plot her concepts into one of the best ending I’ve ever read.

My ratings: 5 musical stars!

“Ever heard someone say they’re feeling blue?” asked Mr. Potter. “Means sad or they got the melancholies about life. So blues music is about all the trials and tribulations people got in their hearts from living. It’s about folks want but don’t have. Blues is a song begging for its life.

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