Book Review: Earth’s End by Elise Kova

Earths End

He gave a raspy laugh. Vhalla had noticed his voice was more raw these days, as he led more drills than he had on the march. “Why, indeed?” 

He shifted behind her, and Vhalla felt his thigh brush against hers. He lay a hand’s distance away, as chaste as possible while still offering comfort.

“Maybe because I’m afraid if I force you to choose, I won’t like the result.”

This is the most emotional book compared to Air Awakens and Fire Falling. It held me captivated, stunned, panicked and pained. I could feel Vhalla’s agony, longing, exhaustion and desperation between her words. Her worries succumb my emotions with an astounding amount of will to live and to fight. It has brought me wildfire within the span of my journey to the North with this book.

I couldn’t grasp what just happened. It literally shook every fiber in me. It was magnificent and brilliant and stunning all at the same time. It was like their world collided with us and brought us the feelings that have yet to be discovered. I was moved by their passion, touched with their friendship, happy with their contentment and amazed with their connection.

With a single vow, I believe with the character’s voice. With a single promise, I believe with the character’s thoughts. With a single action, I betrayed everything I’ve known with this book. Earth’s End is physically exciting, mentally thrilling and emotionally exhausting. I felt so much with this book that I don’t want to trust the author’s word anymore.

“I’d rather have this, whatever this is, than nothing. It’s nice to have someone with me, even if that someone is ‘no one’.”

Elise can make her readers believe her promises but what I’ve figured out with this book is never ever trust the author for her silver tongue and for her evil mind. I was in a state of shock and pain, I thought everything was going smoothly — I thought it was their time to acknowledge and recognize but no. It wasn’t. They are just merely a pawn for future plans that the Emperor has yet to be decided.

I was deceived by this book. I was taught to believe that everything has a solution. That fantasy books are meant to resolve and fill your heart with that longing that the realistic world can’t provide but you know what? I was wrong. I believed too much and I trust easily. Earth’s End will bring you feelings that you want to feel and will haunt you and get devastated in return.

There’s a lot of favorable and outstanding applause that I have to point out:

  • Vhalla is pretty amazing with her words. She backfires the majors and advisors of the empire. And she indirectly insults the emperor which I was glad. What pained me is that Vhalla shouldn’t felt uncompromised. She shouldn’t felt the weight upon on her shoulders. It’s too much pressure to hold and too young to be forced. She’s fragile and yet her will is strong.
  • Aldrik has so much hope for the future that he was blinded with delusions of life. It was brave and courageous and unexpected. Standing with Vhalla’s side, owning her and respecting her thoughts is one of the most wonderful personality of Aldrik. With the firebearer’s heart, despite his label Fire Lord, there’s another warm in him — his heart.
  • Daniel is a good company. I was hurting for him. He was contented and he’s ready to give what he can offer for love. It was confusing and distracting that Elise tries to play with our feelings. You want Aldrik on the other hand, then on a few pages, you will be rooting for Daniel. I could feel the relaxation — I could foresee if Vhalla chooses Daniel in the end. I could see the happy marriage that could happen but those are just hinch and hopes and nothings when the ending is not yet close.
  • Jax is awesome in a lot of ways. I even ship him with Vhalla at some point because, gods! that guy has a sense of humor! And he knows where to stand and place himself, he is delightful and he’s a good company with the other Royal Guards of Baldair.

I learned that your actions have consequences and what you desire needed payments. And some payments are non-negotiable. Its either you accept what made your heart break or deny what cruelty life has to offer. Either decision will lead you to disappointment because you can’t be greedy or selfish; there’s only one you can choose with and what will it be?

Your happiness or the safety of your empire? Will you trade one’s happiness for the life of everyone that should be protected? No. Elise questioned my belief — she discusses morality and the mirror reflection of the government. It was both scary and intriguing.

“Just because something isn’t right doesn’t make it wrong.”

Elise played my feelings. I was a fool. I don’t know whom I should reside. I don’t know if I should even hope for Daniel — or even hope for Aldrik. Or hope for everyone. I have so many false feelings, false hope, and false love. I should keep going through the end and shouldn’t give amusement towards the characters because I don’t know what should I believe in.

Earth’s End is a book that you have to be scared of because it will spit all the lies until you believe on it. It will crush you and put you on hold of your feelings and when your emotions are at the highest, it will bring you to the deepest and darkest pits of sadness. Destroying your heart, mind and soul were the goals of the book. You will hate it and love it at the same time, as much as you believe and trust on ink and papers, you should prepare for what unexpected because you will never know when you’ll get played.

Ratings: 5 stars!

“Our promises meant nothing, we are nothing.”


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