Book Review: Water’s Wrath by Elise Kova


This book hurt me in several ways. It brought my emotions from the past, it broke my heart, it built distance to my soul. The book is amazing. Like from the humongous depression and unacceptable ending of Earth’s End, Water’s Wrath is a huge come back of Vhalla. It was like our main protagonist, develops at a high speed in terms of knowledge, power, and strategy with a glimpse of mortality and weakness. She is fiercer, bolder and braver. She knows who and what to trust. She knows what she wants to do and what she wants to accomplish.

I was like overwhelmed by the amount of courage Vhalla has. She’s amazing through and through. She diverts people into a pawn and played them well in her hands and turn the wheel in her favor. She’s quite good and she knows what card she has to play. As painful as it is, as great it is, the readers like me knows that she feel incomplete in inside and being tough is just what she wanted to portray for the people to see.

Elise writes beautifully that readers will feel like we live in their world and we see, we hear and we live with the characters. It was exciting and terrifying because, with a small amount of words that we’ve read between the pages, she can bring us into the world of magic in a short span of time. I like that feeling — the feeling that you and the book are one. It was satisfyingly remarkable. I wanted to applaud for Elise because as much as I love her, I hate her for what she did on Earth’s End but it made me love her more for writing Water’s Wrath. She was like giving everything from the start. The clues and hints and powers of sorcerers, from Vhalla’s interrupted realizations, from the people who surrounds Vhalla — they are all connected, she was giving every hint from the start and before you know it, you were on the groundbreaking plot twist.

I was in awe and my soul is clapping in inside. My eyes became dilated and my heart is pounding on my chest. My reading pacing couldn’t get faster, I was like drowning with Elise’s words and I would like to go deeper and deeper because it was magical and enchanting.

There’s a lot to point out in this book:

  • Vhalla’s major character development
  • Aldrik’s fascinating behind the scenes plans
  • Baldair’s unexpected confession
  • Jax’s survival skills
  • Daniel’s painful and hopeful faith
  • Frit’s enthusiasm
  • Egmun’s confidence
  • Victor’s outstanding knowledge
  • The plot twists after the another
  • Pain
  • Another Pain
  • And another Pain
  • And another pain after the other
  • Revelations

I don’t want to spoil everything but that’s what I can tell from what I have read. It was pretty exhausting to read Water’s Wrath. I have to stop at some point because I was hurting. I even cried at some point because there’s a line from a character that I don’t want to accept. I grieve and I deny. I am on the verge of tweeting Elise, “WHAT THE HELL?!”, but I didn’t. She played well with my emotions, she knows how to brought your feelings into life. I had so much hope in the middle but, you know, what?, I regret on hoping.

There’s a lot to figure out. You’ll learn that love will bring you far. You’ll learn that there’s more to a person than what we see. You’ll learn that everything you plan will go according to your will. You’ll learn that sometimes you need darkness, to see the light that you will follow. It teaches me a lot of ways and realizations, Elise knows how to educate her reader’s through her books. I love it and somehow, I have mixed feelings what the fifth book could bring to me — to us.

With all the feeling untold and all the words unspoken, I tell you. Water’s Wrath is the center point of all the foreshadowing in the past three books.


Thank you for writing this book. I owe you every word of this book. I love it and I will treasure this feeling.

The Royal Polar Bear

Ratings: 5 stars!

Edited: Thank you to Erika of The Nocturnal Fey for being there when I needed someone to voice out my thoughts in a certain scene. Thank you, friend!


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