Book Review: The Midnight Sea by Kat Ross


“The world is in an eternal struggle against good and evil,” he would say to me. “But the most important war fought here.” Ilyas would tap his chest. “It is not the barbarians, nor even the Druj, that we must fear the most, Nazafareen. It is the enemy within.”

The Midnight Sea by Kat Ross is definitely a promising novel! It has a glimpse of historical fiction between fantasy and a touch of romance. I love the concept and the world that she is offering to her readers. It was a mixture of the reality and a little twist of imagination. Her book will bring you to a magical world that will probably make you feel familiar and yet not. The concept of telling a little fracture of truth and creates a new world to tell is remarkable.

“People we had loved — or hated — so much that they had become a part of us. No one’s choces in this life were really their own.”

The way she writes her characters, how she devised them – I liked it. She puts a lot of character development in her story. At first, I had doubts and hesitations – it feel like everything went so fast and I couldn’t grasp what was happening because I was so new to the realm and the names and the knowledge and the facts are so unique and different at the same time but as I went through the story, to the journey of Nazafareen and Darius, how Ilyas found her on the least of the places that they thought no hope for. Nazafareen ended up serving the King of the Kings. And I am with her along the journey of her life and how everything went far with her decisions. There are decisions who restrain and resent but I believe Nazafareen will learn more in the future. (I am, indeed, anticipating the second book of the trilogy)

With her training for four years with the Magus, she found Darius as her daeva — a bonded tamed Druj, mentored by magi. But that was just what the book says, everything has a secret to unveil and everything that has been told is the truth. Sometimes, truth is covered with lies because you wouldn’t want everyone to know what can secrets unfold. And that was what I felt when I was reading The Midnight Sea. It was magical and yet dark.

“Funny how we don’t miss something until it’s gone. A stupid yet universal truth.”

It questioned my morality and principles. It will make you believe in stories that aren’t true and yet it will question your culture and traditions. Somehow, you’ll realize in her story the reflection of the government today. What human nature desires and how we can be dissolved through our selfishness. We sought we couldn’t have and we desire the most that we don’t deserve. We control what we couldn’t and we resent those who tries. It was an irony how those people on the top can manipulate everything because they have power, and how those on the bottom can tell the truth and yet, punished.

Her characters have different sides that you want to know more. Despite the “idiosyncrasies” of the systems on this book, despite of the questioned beliefs, despite of the struggles and the unprecedented events on this book. The story has given justice. I love how Kat Ross manipulate the existing past of the reality and collided it with the fiction that she wanted to put into words.

I was both terrified and excited about the book. I like Kat Ross’s writing style and to tell you the truth, I was inclined with her writing. She wrote a fantasy novel and build an empire that is known to people and yet blinded by the past. It was magnificent and yet terrifying, thrilling and yet excruciating. I had goosebumps on the last chapter of the book before the Epilogue. How she ended that chapter was good! It was a mixture of the past and the modern tale. I couldn’t ask for more but for the next book! I want the second one already.

The Midnight Sea by Kat Ross is definitely a recommended read! It will bring you to places that you never step a foot on. You will want more of the story and you’ll indulge with the characters. You’ll drown with their powers and you’ll incline with their personalities. And a little of an advice? Set your beliefs aside because you wouldn’t know where to stand with. With the empire or with the rebels? Who will be the enemy? Will they be? Or you will be?

Ratings: 4.5 stars!

“Even if I could be free, I would choose you.” he whispered.

Edited: I still can’t believe that Kat Ross betrayed me for who and what was her character’s preference. I couldn’t imagine that I tolerate that kind of revelations.

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