Book Review: Fallen Guardin by Jesse Roman


“I hoped,” said Max. “That’s all that one could do when faced with situation where you know the person you loved won’t be coming back to you…”

I am not a fan of angels but I think I have to make an exception with Fallen Guardin by Jesse Roman. The disadvantage of reading his book in less than a day was that everything in the novel feels like fast forward.  I don’t know but it feels, at least, to me, that everything that happens in the story was a bliss, it was so fast that I grasped everything on my own. And it haunts me and it was terrifying. Do you know, why? Because it was good. I was addicted to his writing style.

I couldn’t let myself stop with his words – it was like reading on a different realm of angels. I want more of his works and I will definitely catch up with this author. I wanted to know what will happen next. The novel is pretty much about love, sacrifice and everything life has to offer and it discusses sensitive subjects about human nature in which is a really good attribute to the novel. Despite this book, having so much of longing, regrets and agony – I love how Jesse Roman built up the tension of the characters.

He must have gone in a devastation before he could write something awful and beautiful at the same time. It was intoxicating and I could feel the sadness and the root of hollowness on his characters. I learned in his book that there’s a lot to consider, to prioritize, that sometimes, even if you are already on the top of something, in a short span of time, a success can be a failure. And in life, decisions matters most, what path or destiny or faith offers on you, there will be a time that you need to choose not for your own but for your love.

Jesse Roman gave us a novel that is indeed will make us inclined with his literature. Something to look forward to and something to read upon. A novel that seeks wanders and ruled by love. Something that will engrave and hear the noises of the silence through words. It was both beautiful and ugly at the same time. This book will tell you what love can do, what love can do so much with human, what feelings and emotions can crack someone to his deepest darkest pits and what can people do just for love.

Thank you, Jesse Roman, for writing such a good tale and I can’t wait to read Broken Guardin!

Ratings: 4 stars!

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