Interview with Jesse Roman


  1. Of all the supernatural and fictional creatures in our myths, why chose to write angels and guardians?

I never had any intention of writing about supernatural beings. I feel like the whole concept has been done to death in literature and it never crossed my mind to take it on. Roughly five years ago, the random idea of a man in his late twenties jumping off his office balcony and being rescued by his fiancée as an angel entered my mind. It sounded interesting, and I even played around with the idea of the genders being reversed with the woman being the one rescued instead. But I did nothing with the concept and kind of just filed it away. Then a couple years later I was at my job and the names Reese and Olivia just popped into my head and for some reason, I started thinking about that story again. The story then just took off and lead me down the rabbit hole. Once this happened, I couldn’t resist the story that was beginning to develop and had to just go with it. I’ve always been into fantasy and the supernatural, so writing this story fit in well with my imagination and was able to prosper.

  1. A lot of issues are mentioned in your book, Fallen Guardin, and one of them is suicide. What are your thoughts about suicide? Is it a limitation of human whereas they can’t contain what they are feeling from their toxic environment or a weak decision that they shouldn’t have done because it was a sin, morally?

Suicide is a very sensitive topic that no one wants to talk about. But it has to be discussed. Not just with young people, but with everyone. We are living in a world that is getting increasingly more difficult to live in and there are far too many people suffering from the problems addressed in Fallen Guardin. We always read or hear of these stories in the news, but we seldom do anything about it. We kind of just sweep it under the rug. Suicide, in particular, there are many reasons as to why one considers taking this drastic course of action. I, fortunately, have never been in a situation where I felt like this was a serious option. It goes back to the age-old saying that if you haven’t experienced what I’m going through, then how could you possibly understand? I have yet to understand.

  1. I have to emphasize your writing style because I loved it. Seriously. I can’t really let go of your book because picking what to read next is always based on author’s writing style and I just love yours. Now, tell me, how do you write in a day? How do you composed your thoughts and transform them into words?

It’s pretty much just all word vomit. When I start writing, I just go. Usually, I’m following a very rough outline of where I need to go from point A to point B. usually it’s late at night, long after you have gone to sleep. As I’m writing a particular character, I become that character. It’s almost like multiple personalities (I swear I’m not crazy!) I see the world and story through their eyes.

  1. I usually asked this because I wanted to understand what authors feel when they published a book. So, how does it feel to publish a book?

It feels like this whole journey has been worth it. That is just wasn’t a waste of time. I’ve always wanted to write stories to share with the world and if I wasn’t able to do that then there would have been no purpose to it all.

  1. What is your inspiration on writing Fallen Guardin? It feels like I’ve seen a side of an author with the protagonist’s thoughts. Reese is struggling with his life because he lost someone he loves, did you lost someone? Or something? Or something you loved? I’m not just talking about death, it could probably a breakup or being apart.

This may sound weird, but there was very little inspiration from my own life in the writing of Fallen Guardin. I’ve lost loved ones like everyone else but never have I lost them the way Reese had nor dealt with the problems that he is facing. I’m able to deal with my problems logically and see the glass as half full rather than half empty, something Reese can’t do. I just felt sorry for the guy. Saying that, I feel like I was able to be him while writing. I could even see a bit of myself in him personality wise.

  1. And Jesus Christ! Can you please elaborate your dedication? I couldn’t stop feeling goosebumps whenever I read it. I keep staring at it. “For those who are with us no longer, who felt there was just one way out.”

I couldn’t have dedicated this book to just anyone. I wanted to dedicate this book to people who didn’t have a voice and couldn’t speak out anymore with the issues they had been dealing with. I wanted to dedicate this book to those going through similar struggles as shown in the book. I felt like it was the right thing to do. I hope the messages in this book can speak to those who are struggling with similar problems. I just want them to know that there is still so much for them.

  1. What are the books that affected you as a reader and a writer? If you could recommend some books to your readers, what will they be?

Probably George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s a series I would defiantly recommend to any aspiring writer to read. It has amazing character development and top-notch storytelling. If you are a fantasy writer, the Chronicles of Narnia is a no-brainer.

  1. Name your top 5 favorite foods!

All pastas, cheeseburgers, calamari, pizza, stir fry.

  1. Can you share us what do you do when you don’t write? Any sport or activities?

I enjoy being outside, traveling and exercising. I love the water though can’t swim very well. Graphic Design. I’m a huge movie addict and I’m constantly listening to music.

  1. What is your favorite quote from your book, Fallen Guardin? And why is that?

“Love is the brightest light of all.” It’s true.


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