Book Review: Onyx Webb by Andrea Waltz & Richard Fenton

“We do not fear heights. We fear falling. Nor do we fear the darkness, but, rather, what we think may be lurking there. And in matters of life and death, we do not fear dying… only that it may be final.”

The 27 Immutable Matters of Life & Death

What really caught my attention with this book is that its cover is attractive. I like how the white blends with the eye-catchy font of the title. I love the skull cover made with the silhouettes of multiple spiders and their web. How cool is that? I didn’t know what the story made of and before I know it, I have a book to read and I tell you – it is good.


All of the episodes are unique, mysterious and interesting. With the three episodes that I’ve read, episode three really strike me hard in the chest. It is not something I will cry upon or something that I will mourn over. It is something that I won’t forget because of how the author manipulates words and brought pain to its readers when they are thinking or reading that certain line. It was beautiful and painful both at the same time. The last time I felt like this when I read the ending of Part 1 of The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom. You know the feeling when you read a certain part and it is painful to even on thinking about it? This is what I felt with Episode 3 of this book.

I’ve been warned by the author that her book was different from other books and I have to agree! It was really different and applausive, it was magnificent, I don’t know how to express it but this book knows no bound and capacity. As if I am experiencing someone else life and living through in an individual and going back to my own mentality as if I was confused whether what I just witnessed (or read) is created by my own imagination or a reality that stuck on my memory or it was just the book, itself.


I am reading Onyx Webb and I really don’t know what just happened on the last few pages of the book. It was unexpected. I don’t expect something so vulgar and yet shocking. I was futile and I am not prepared what is happening. I have to commend both authors for doing an excellent job on viewing such explosive and destructive to reader’s mind while emphasizing the behavior of the characters of this book in a tremendous state. I was in awe and I couldn’t think straight. I was terrified and scared but I like and love it both at the same time. It was raw, sweet and transparent.

“Nothing can ever take the pain away, not entirely, but knowing your loved ones are okay and at peace brings enormous comfort.”

I need to breathe! Onyx Webb is definitely a read! This one is one of the novels that needs a lot of reader’s attention. My emotions and feelings are unstable it is between traumatic, despair and thrilling. It was like you wanted more but you don’t want to read upon, you wanted to know what will happen next but the things that have been throwing into your mind are vicious.

“Where did you ever get the idea that the church is in the business of punishment?” Sister Mary Margaret said. “We’re in the business of forgiveness.”

Personally, I liked the book. It was a refreshing read. It was not my kind of genre but it turns out that it is. I think, I should read more books like this. I was so hooked with the turn of events in the book that I lost myself. Somehow, I love Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton’s writing style. They are easy to grasp and you’ll lose with their words. I also love how they put phrases between chapters and episodes. Sometimes, it was painful and grieving, scary and furious but above all, it was magical.

My mind is telling me to finish this book but my heart tells me no – I want more of it. And gods, that ending, how could you, guys, possibly end the book that way with that kind of situation, with that kind of realization? NO. YOU, JUST DON’T DO IT. Book 1 of Onyx Webb is surely a great book! And right now? I want the book two!!

My ratings: 4 stars!

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