Interview with Andrea Waltz

  1. Onyx Webb is a unique name and there’s a lot of names that will stand out for our protagonist. Why chose Onyx Webb as the protagonist name? As far as I know, Onyx is a name of a stone. Is it somewhat related to it?

Onyx is a name we have always loved. We came up with that right away. Her last name was almost something French-Cajun but we did a lot of brainstorming and knew that we wanted a short, 4 letter last name and stumbled onto Webb after much searching. As soon as we saw it we knew. It became even more meaningful as we literally crafted this “web” of stories.

  1. Every reader and aspiring writers always asked this: What are your inspiration on becoming a writer? What inspires you to write Onyx Webb?

Onyx is so incredibly fun to write. We have both always wanted to write fiction.

  1. You’ve mentioned that you changed the covers of Onyx Webb and people have taken an interest. Why chose a spider with web and a skull to portray the mysterious sense of your book? Are there any hidden messages?

Anyone who has ever read Onyx Webb knows that it’s a challenge to describe. And we did not want the standard, cliché woman walking through a cemetery! So something stark, creepy, and mysterious was what we needed. Our previous cover was fairly mysterious – it was a giant red moon with a statue of female holding flowers. But it was almost too non-descript. The white cover became important because we wanted the starkness and we wanted people to know right away the book would be a bit scary. There really is no hidden message beyond just trying to create a “feeling” and interest when people see the cover.

  1. On the writing process, what is the most difficult part of writing the book? Is it the alternating events or connecting the stories on every episode?

Since the book is a bit complex you can imagine that keeping organized while writing it is too! And it has been a complex writing process.

Writing the alternating stories is actually fairly easy because we write the book in pieces (we call the individual stories “tracks”) and then shuffle them all together at the very end.  Connecting people and events has been tricky. Some of them we knew from the start but others – really important connections – have developed as the stories have been written. Readers seem to love how things start and continue to connect and so book after book we make sure not to disappoint on that.

  1. How does it feel to have a co-writer on writing the story of Onyx Webb? And all of the genres out there, why the both of you with Richard Fenton chose Fantasy and Paranormal as the main focus of the book? Is there a time that either of you disagrees on what the plot or what will be the next episode to write?

The co-writing process is interesting. Richard and I plot out the story together and then go scene by scene focusing on three main character “tracks.” Then Richard takes the lead writing the first draft. I then edit that and give him feedback on what I want rewritten, added and removed entirely. We do not disagree on much as we have the same vision of the story. Every now and then he will change something during the writing of a scene and then we hash it out if there is an issue with the change. Collaboration, in general, has been magnificent – we have come up with the best ideas brainstorming the plotting and character’s connections to each other. That’s where the magic happens and then Richard executes it!

  1. Tell us the story how did you ended up co-writing Onyx Webb with Richard Fenton.

Richard and I have been writing together for a long time. We are also married! Before Onyx Webb, it has been all motivational business books. This is our first fictional book series. We have also written a few screenplays together. (No script ever sold, though.) We brainstormed this series for well over a year before writing a word.

  1. You also a reader. So, tell us, what are your top 5 books that influence you to become a writer?

I can’t say reading any one book influenced my desire to write. Perhaps reading Choose Your Own Adventure books – I loved those as a kid. As an adult, I have been influenced by books like House of Sand and Fog, Olive Kitteridge, Lovely Bones, and Gone Girl. I enjoy female-driven thriller/mysteries. Richard was deeply influenced by Ender’s Game, Stephen King’s works like The Green Mile, as well as all of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.

  1. Random Question: Favorite place to read?

We seem to be so busy writing we are not reading much these days. When we do, for both of us, it’s at the pool on vacation and then it’s non-stop until we finish. Like most bookworms, once we are hooked into a book we read it non-stop.

  1. Name your top 5 favorite books!

Well, this is very hard so here are 5 favorites! House of San and Fog,  Catcher and the Rye, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Gone Girl and Eat, Pray, Love

  1. What is your favorite quote on Onyx Webb? And why is it?

There are too many great scenes so I will go with our tag line which is: Think life is precious now? Just wait until you’re dead.  We hope that people will read Onyx Webb and be wildly entertained. And, we hope they will also learn a few lessons too – in particular how wonderful life is, even when it is not exactly going our way, it is better than the alternative.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, MS. ANDREA! I love reading your books and your answers! They are amazing!


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