Interview with Kate Evangelista!

  1. No Love Allowed is a Young Adult Romance Contemporary. What were the biggest changes that have you done when writing this book? Any changes on your writing technique or plotting the story outline?

In this book, I learned to focus on the character arcs, making sure that they have a beginning, middle, and end.

  1. I knew you for your love of writing a romance. Have you tried writing any genres except romance? How about Fantasy? Any thoughts on trying different genres?

I love trying different genres, but there will always be a sense of romance in my books. If someone is not falling in love I’m not happy.

  1. I love how you crafted Didi’s personality. It was a balanced of everything and it is something I want for my partner. How did you come up with her personality? Does her personality have some resemblance to your personality?

Didi is one of the best characters that have graced the apartment complexes in my head so far. I love her. Is she in any way like me? I could only hope to be like her. Fearless. Quirky. And accepting of who she is.

  1. Caleb has blue eyes. And I hate him for having blue eyes. What’s with blue eyes, anyway?

I don’t know. There’s something eerily about staring into light eyes.

  1. Could you share us a love story that you have experienced in the past? A love story of yours. It can be a crush or an event that made you blush. Anything. It could be funny.

I can’t call it a love story, but it was definitely a scary coincidence. In college and in high school I pretty much had the same boyfriend. Their initials were the same. They looked alike. They even had the same birth month and birthdays separated by four days. It was scary. The instant I made that connection I quickly broke up with my college boyfriend.

  1. What is your favorite when it comes to love? The courtship? The denial? The process of falling in love? The feelings? The future? What is it?

The process of falling in love. It’s such a magical time and everyone goes through the same emotions. It’s a total rollercoaster and completely universal. The situations may be different but the feelings are the same. Especially when you realize that person is the one.

  1. No Love Allowed is a HAPPY ENDING. And I am a big fan of TRAGEDY. Will you write a tragedy sometime in the future? Or there’s no way that it will be happening?

That’s definitely something I’m willing to explore. If a story calls for it I will definitely write a tragic ending. The only thing is my editor might have to reel me in because I can get pretty brutal.

  1. Among your characters, who is the most difficult to write? I like Nathan and I want to know more of Preston and Natasha. Caleb is an easy going and a heart breaker. Didi looks like the most difficult to write. Is she?

Actually, Didi was easy. What I’m having a hard time right now is with Natasha and Jackson. Talk about a tragedy, right there. Spoiler alert.

  1. Favorite food! Name 5 of them.





Creamy corn soup.

  1. What is your favorite quote on No Love Allowed? And Why is that?

“Loving me will never be easy.”

It’s from Didi toward the end of the book. It embodies not only her but Caleb as well.


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