Book Review: Like My Teacher Always Said… by Erin McHugh

“The finish line will always be there. Just finish the run.”

Like My Teacher Always Said… by Erin McHugh gave me nostalgic feelings about my journey from my childhood up to my present college life. It was a mixture of emotion – I was remembering the teachers who have touched my heart, who walked away in our class, who implemented strict rules, who taught me to be tough, who inspired me in my high school days and who have nourished me and helped me along the way.

A classmate of mine raised her hand in class and said, “Dr. C., I don’t have all the information I need to make this decision.”

Dr. C. replied, “If you had all the information you needed, there wouldn’t be a decision to make. Decisions are about making a choice of what to do based on what you know, and what you think is the best course.”

This book is something everyone should read. An ample time to give this book a chance is worth it in every way. It made me look back and reflect on the things that I experienced in the past, it made me appreciate my teachers and professors up to this date, it made me want to touch other people’s heart too. Yes, it is simple but it is definitely a huge difference to a someone who is struggling.

I like every part of this book. A lot of lessons made me goosebumps and it is not bad. Actually, it is really really good – better. Definitely one of the books that I am grateful to have. It tells you the different past about learning, a memory that the authors cherish, and a significant wisdom that they never forget. It’s amazing that a phrase or a single action could affect a person’s life. Wonderful and Terrifying.

In my experience, when I ask parents what they want for their child’s future, many will say they want their child to be happy. Others will say they want their child to be successful. What I have come to believe is that we should strive to want our children to be not happy or successful, but good — that if they are good people, they will find happiness and success.

Like My Teacher Always Said… by Erin McHugh is something different, something that could touch and affect people’s emotion and heart. Everything is good and has an essence but the three stories that I love are Mary Seton on Sister A, Brad on Ms. S, and CHIP, upon reading Mr. P’s obituary. It is a book that needs to be read. You’ll just realize how much teachers sacrifice for the students – for you.

My ratings: 4.5 stars!

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