Book Review: Wild Sky by Andrew Stanek

What really caught me off guard every time I read a science fiction books is when the protagonist of the story question on the middle of the book about his principles, strategies and morality along the way when in fact it has been decided that he won the fight.

Wild Sky is intriguing, fascinating, unique and interesting science fiction novel that will divert you to a new kind of terrifying technology, advanced knowledge of hacking and outstanding power of deduction. With the absolute definition of war and understanding the complexitiy of the space cruise, it will lead you to a magnificent warfare.

What I liked about this book is how great minds empower and gather information in a simple statement, combined with collision of great ideas, opinions and perspective. This book made me awe, shocked and stunned. It is indeed terrifying and crazy.

I couldn’t fathom that Sir Andrew Stanek’s first Science Fiction Novel is this great. How could he write something so good and destructible at the same time? Pointing out that this was his first time on trying a science fiction novel that turns out really great.

Honestly, Wild Sky is an exhausting book. There are a lot of words that may be confusing if you are a reader that is not familiar with scientific literature. However, you’ll learn the gist of it along the way. I actually found this book interesting. I never knew that I will love it.

And I tell you, one of the mind blowing book that I have ever read! All I could think of at the end of the book was this author is so fucking brilliant. How would he turn those events upside down?! I was mesmerized, thrilled and amazed. Andrew Stanek brought us a possibility and a theory that may haunt the entire humanity in the future.

Along with Omnilogos by Michele Amitrani, Wild Sky by Andrew Stanek are the first two books that will definitely on the top of my best books of 2016. You will never know what a indie author has to offer in the book community.

My ratings: 5 stars!


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