Book Review: Magic-Price by C.L. Schneider

20319844Enchanting, Magnificent, Unbelievable, Brilliant and a Masterpiece. I couldn’t imagine how C.L. Schneider crafted the world building because I was awestruck with how she built it and introduce it to her readers slowly and amazingly on the novel. I was lost in the world of Troy. I could imagine that I can feel his pain real time. The struggles he fought, the guilt that he tries to hide and his courage, it was outstanding, outrageous and passionate.

Aside from the world building, the another thing to look forward to this book is the magic system. My God. This. Is. The. First. That I completely fall in love with the magic system. I could imagine what is happening when I was reading the book. I could see the fighting scenes and how the incantations of spells work with every details page after page. It feels like diving and drowning and trying to survive all it once while embarking on the lonely and painful journey of Troy.

“ can only outrun a debt for so long before it bit you in the ass.”

1It left me breathless, suffocated with every fighting scenes, panicking on every near death experiences and shocked on every revelation. Let me tell you this, this book is full of revelations that will give you a moment of silence to absorb of what was happening. There are some unfortunate events because of misplacement of loyalty, there are some because of different beliefs and what hurts the most? There are some because you are the reason someone is dead and that someone is the one person you loved the most. Give me a moment to feel my emotion and cry this one out.

This book tore me apart, into little ashes, to pieces of hollow. Gods, Troy is so selfless. He would do everything for what he thinks is right. It is fair enough, indeed. Fair enough to make himself vulnerable, transparent and crazy. But do you know what? I find it too painful, knowing what Troy just had, what just people trade for what he just fight for. They easily barter that moment for every effort and power of Ian just sacrifice for. This book is a manifestation of the endless cycle of pain.
I couldn’t imagine how or what was running through C.L. Schneider’s mind when she was writing this book. It was epic! One of the greatest read I’ve ever read this year. Perhaps, even more on what I read in the past. I love the concept that she puts and I believe, she was one of those talented authors who really did give justice to her characters. And she’s damn amazing writer!

From loving to sacrificing, to fighting and believing, to trusting and being accepted, and to finding who he really is are just a few of the hints on the book. For 2fantasy readers out there, you will love this book unconditionally and no questions asked. This book exceeded my expectations when I was just halfway through. And it blew my mind when I finished it. Fascinating, Interesting, and a major Cliffhanger.

Manipulative, Enchanting, Magical. Few words. Just a few words to describe the unlimited boundaries of The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price. I was succumbed by the beauty of this novel. It feels real. It is real. And I don’t know how to describe my experience with this book. Simply, stunning and extraordinary! 


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7704723Born in the Midwest, I live in upstate New York with my husband and two sons. A huge reader since childhood, I penned my first full length novel in high school on a typewriter in my parent’s living room.

Magic-Price, the first book in The Crown of Stones trilogy, was not only my first published novel, but a lifelong dream come true. With the release of Magic-Borne, the trilogy is complete. Next up: Nite Fire, the first book in an urban fantasy series featuring shapeshifters and parallel worlds.

My stories tend to run in the realm of dark, adult, and epic. If I wrote about vampires, they most definitely would not sparkle.


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    1. Waaaaaah. You read this? OMG. I love the book! It is so awesome like every revelations are so painful and yet thrilling! Aww thank you so much that you love my book review style. I wanted to make book reviews solely on how about I felt while I was reading the book. I don’t want to give any spoilers but I love reading them a bit of quotes! 🙂

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