Event Recap: Lauren Kate Booksigning with Harrison Gilbertson

The last 6th of November 2016, Lauren Kate visited the Philippines for the third time to promote her books and the upcoming movie, The Fallen Series, together with Harrison Gilbertson starring as Cam. I had the opportunity to attend and meet them in person. Huge thanks to National Bookstore for making this event a success!

  • Lauren Kate started greeting her fans with, “Salamat po.”
  • Harrison Gilbertson says, “Hello.”
  • LK: The Philippines to me was the first time I came out of the US. So, you guys are so special to me. I think, I see a lot of familiar faces from 5 years ago or 6 years ago. I’m thrilled to be here with Harrison and we are so excited about the movie.
  • She will work on her Tagalog terms on her fourth trip!
  • She’s been talking about her durian experience. Meaning? She loves Durians!
  • Harrison was asked about how was his experience in the Philippines, “HG: It’s been a great time. Thank you for coming out.”
  • LK: I’ve been very grateful to you, be friends with you guys and talk to you and feel your  enthusiasm for the whole series and particularly now with the movie.
  • “I would like to do it.”, Harrison’s stance on being bribed for a new iPhone for posting more.
  • “I’m going to try my best.”, Harrison said on being active on social media.
  • LK: I mean, the fact that Fallen was becoming a movie was exciting enough for me but the fact that Fallen is becoming really a good movie with really gorgeous people. I’m honored, I’m thrilled and I know you guys gonna love it.
  •  LK: I was an executive producer. So, I started with the script — with really a lot of work on the script, many different drafts and I was really excited to have a good relationship with the director… For people who like the books, you’ll go to find so much to enjoy the movie… it is a beautiful production. I’ve loved it.
  • LK: You are going to notice certain things that are in the book but not in a movie and couple of scenes from the movie and not in the book but that’s not anything that actually bothered me at all. I find it really enriching and exciting to see have the story take it new life. For me what was central was its essence. And there’s also a related chemistry between the actors and maybe this guy (points out to Harrison Gilbertson).
  • Harrison was asked, Do you always wanted to be an actor and why would you want to be an actor? HG: Yeah. I think, I’m always a crazy young child who loves funny stories and exaggerating over things in my life. I’m not going to do it today, rather. But yeah, I think the best for me is acting…
  • HG: You start creating this memory and you just go on and on and on and on. | He is talking about the back stories of the characters on The Fallen series pertaining to preparing his character as Cam on the movie.
  • Lauren Kate doesn’t really give pointers or trip to the actors. She thinks that everybody in the cast is really amazing portraying their characters. She’s amazed how the cast transformed.
  • She is very interested seeing a particular scene in a book — it is a date. She said that fans wouldn’t be disappointed!
  • Lauren Kate felt pretty nervous when she watched the movie and she feels being transported in the movie. She couldn’t put the experience into words.
  • Harrison said that it was fun in the set being with Jeremy and Addison and being friends with them while continuing your passion. He wishes to be part of the future Fallen movie.
  • Fallen Movie was one of the memorable for Harrison. He said that it was an amazing experience.
  • Lauren Kate doesn’t have a particular scene that she was attached to. The important was the chemistry and the essence of the movie being adapted from the book.
  • She said that reincarnation fascinated her and it feels like she was a Scottish soldier in middle ages and some deja vu. It was interesting for her on how people transcend bodies, fictionally.
  • Lauren Kate would want to go back for centuries in Jerusalem.
  • She didn’t think that Fallen would become this big. She has no idea that her book would have this success. She doesn’t know that she will go back to Manila and go to talk about the movie. She said that she’s not taking anything for granted.
  • LK: In some sense, it feels like being understood in some ways.
  • There’s an impact on writing being in connected with film-making.
  • Lauren Kate feels lucky. She is excited for us to see the movie and wishes that we would love the movie.
  • If she isn’t an author, she would be a Chef in her reincarnation. Her specialty would be Balut.
  • Harrison loves Carpentry School. If not an actor, he would be off in Carpentry School.
  • Harrison is confident on the movie. *That’s to get excited for!*
  • Lauren Kate feels pressured and confident both at the same time including the fact that the movie is now on Cinemas! She wishes that people would like it and the movie do well for the other books to put in the making.
  • Harrison is working on Behind the Glass in Canada that fans should watch out for!
  • Lauren is finishing a new book, another love story. Set in American Civil War. She still working on the title but she will share it as soon as she has it.
  • Lauren’s message to her fans: I’m honored to be here and Thank you so much for your support. You have been here and here’s for more.
  • Harrison’s message: Is it Salam – Salam, Salam? – Salamat.
  • The most challenging role for Harrison was Hault because they have to shoot in the cold. It started on to snow on the first day and he got too cold quickly. He said that all of his roles are fun.
  • Harrison said, “There’s nothing too challenging if you are having fun.”
  • One of the fans revealed her swooning over Harrison by saying, “So gwapo.”
  • Lauren’s inspiration with Cam is the devil was based on her husband.
  • Lauren said that when she watched Harrison’s audition tapes, she said that it was perfect.
  • She thinks that Cam is an extremely loyal person.
  • Given the chance of choosing the role of Gabriel and Cam, Harrison would still choose the role of Cam in the Fallen series.
  • Favorite reincarnation of Lauren is in the England scenes are really important for her because it is where everything started. That’s where she is discovering the characters of her characters. *did you get that?*
  • Apparently, a fan asked Harrison if he is single. Harrison’s response was a gesture of “be silent”, Lauren backed it up, “It’s complicated.”
  • Harrison was being shy after being asked and insisted on next question. *laughs*
  • Lauren Kate, “I feel like we could bottle the joy of Filipino people and we could pour it over to America right now because we really need it right now.””I was touched by the Filipino fans a lot of time.”
  • Harrison prefers playing a bad boy saying, “I think the bad boy is more funk.”
  • He said that he had a good time working with Addison and Jeremy.
  • Lauren Kate is Team Cam. That’s really a great question. She said that she was totally Team Cam.

Guys, better watch the edited video that I made! You would love it! There’s a mixture of love, laughter and teary-eyed moments. Lauren Kate is so kind and humble.


Below is the video of the Question and Answer of Lauren Kate and Harrison Gilbertson!


Lauren Kate is the internationally bestselling author of the Teardrop novels and the Fallen series— Fallen, Torment, Passion, Rapture, Fallen in Love, and Unforgiven. Her books have been translated into more than thirty languages. She lives in Los Angeles with her family.


Harrison Gilbertson is an actor, known for Need for Speed (2014), Beneath Hill 60 (2010) and Haunt (2014).

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    • Well.. I tried Great Gatsby and The Good Earth — I couldn’t understand anything! However, if Shakespeare considered as Classic. I love it. Maybe, I was introduced to Classic books inappropriately and does not fit to my interest that’s why I dislike them. I know. That’s pretty stereotyping on book community. But I’m willing to give some classic books a shot in the future.

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      • definitely – actually, read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn first. its was boycotted when first published in 1876 because it was about a poor white boy & his poor black friend – Twain capitalized on scandal to entice people to want to read what all the hoopla was about. because of the times, it uses some language that is not ‘politically correct’ today, yet it was inarguably ahead of its time.

        Then read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the sequel. Both are wonderful.

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      • Definitely adding your recommendations on my TBR and have to watched out for those books! Finding them! Thank you for giving me some ideas and perspective about the book. I was really thinking to drop classics but it turns out that I might love it. We will see. With that, I’m willing to inform you if I have enjoyed it or not! 😉 Thank you again!

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