Unboxing || Fandomfills Subscription Box + Giveaway!

Apparently, Fandomfills is a newly online-based business group that wanted to promote subscription box in the Philippines. Think about it as an Owlcrate without a book. Swags that will fill your bookish desires into reality. Their theme for November is Harry Potter! It is quite exciting because this month is the premier of the movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Fandomfills Subscription Box of November usually contains:

  • 2 Harry Potter Necklaces
  • 1 Harry Potter Bracelet
  • Assorted Prints or Magnetic Bookmarks

However, my box contains:

  • Time Turner Necklace
  • The Marauder’s Map Necklace
  • Harry Potter Golden Snitch Bracelet
  • Harry Potter Pouch
  • Harry Potter Magnetic Bookmark
  • Another Time Turner Necklace with a Round Box
  • Four (4) Assorted Prints
  • Baymax Coin Purse [Fandomfills is so generous to give me this one.]

I like how they mixed and match in respect with their theme. It is kind of thrilling to unbox a subscription box that you don’t know what is inside. Surprising as it is because swags are always come next to book for a bookworm!

Fandomfills Subscription Box’s price is Php 500. I suggest that you take this offer because if you are going to buy the items piece by piece, it will cost you more. Below, you will see the summary of the three items that are listed below that will be inside the subscription box:

  • Harry Potter Golden Snitch Bracelet – P 169.00
  • Time Turner Necklace – P 249.00
  • The Marauder’s Map Necklace – P 189.00

That’s roughly P 607. You could save P 107 off by choosing the subscription box!

See photos of individual items here:

You could also check my unboxing video here:

Visit FandomFills HERE.

In case you read up to this point, I have a code for you to use! It will give you 10% off when you purchase from them!


And I know, you want this! A GIVEAWAY!



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