Thank you || #TheThanksUGive


I am writing this to participate on The Thanks U Give, a bookish community thanksgiving celebration, hosted by Chaesing Faerytales and Stay Bookish. Stay awesome, guys!

Honestly? I don’t know what to write. I am just staring at my screen and looking at it thinking what could I be thankful for. Huge thanks to Hazel from Stay Bookish, after tweeting her that I don’t have any idea what to write and with her tweet, I realize that I met a lot of people along with my book blogging life. I’ve experienced a lot of things that I never thought I would, I learn to expand my limitations and extend my knowledge to the extent that it surprises even myself.

I will be thankful not just to Bookish Community but also to those people who shaped me, who are there for me and for those people who keeps on telling me that I could not do it. Without the positive outlook and without the negative perspective, I am not in here with you today. So, I’m warning you. I’m not just thanking the Bookish Community but I am also thanking those who are included in my personal life.

  • January 2: This is where I acquire a copy of Wandering Star by Romina Russell — how awesome is that?! I am really thankful to Romina, who keeps on believing on me as her fan, as a reader, as a friend, and as a blogger. I wouldn’t keep my blog if it wasn’t for her. Zodiac Universe is one of the major reasons why I started entering the book blogging world. I always wanted to support her and she’s always there supporting me — entertaining my enthusiasms. Thank you, Romina Russell! Keep on writing. I know you will write amazing stories. I would never ever doubt you.
  • January 9: This is the first time JM from Revelations of a Bookfreak and I plan out something for food and bookstore hopping! We decided to go to Fullybooked BGC. (or more like I forced him to go there because, yeah, it was on sale.) If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t meet Hazel from Stay Bookish for the first time! And now, I am one of her friends! I know this is our first real meeting. So, Thank you JM and Hazel for being good friends of mine.
  • January 19: My Brother Patrick and I first time being together in a concert! And It is ONE OK ROCK! I’m really thankful that we had each other’s back. Thank you, Patrick! It may not seem like it but this is one of our awesome nights, right?!


  • January 23: Florisa Capones, a member of Pinoy Book Freaks United, ask our members if we could donate books because she is organizing an event promoting reading and I am thankful to her because I was able to donate 100+ books that will have a new home and could change an individual’s life through literature. Thank you Florisa on your non-stop and consistent persistent to my introvert life. I really feel great that day that books might inspire people.


  • February 18: Thank you to Kristen Hunt for sending me a copy of her book, Blonde Eskimo! One of my favorite read this 2016. I really hope to read the sequel soon! It was diverse and unique in a way. It is kind of new. I miss you, Kristen! Thank you!
  • March 3: Thank you, Kim Holden! I won a signed copy of Gus by joining on your giveaway. I never thought that I would win that book but I did! You really made me happy those times because Gus is my favorite character among your book characters. He is simply amazing in a lot of ways and I could share his pain. Thank you for greeting me a Happy Birthday on that book! I love it.


  • March 6: #VictoriaAveyardinPH if I was not mistaken. Thank you to my own bookish community which is Pinoy Book Freaks United and Victoria Aveyard PH Street Team. Guys, if you were not there my life are not complete without sharing the same agony over Red Queen! Thank you for being there and being friends with me.


  • March 11: Mommy Jane and Daddy John are the two people who really ignite the traveler within me. They showed me the beauty of the Philippines. They mentor me on backpacking. They share their knowledge based on their experience and I wouldn’t be more happy to listen to their stories and apply them to real life. I am really thankful, grateful in a lot of ways to this two. They act like my second parents and I wouldn’t be happier to have them. Mommy Jane is always there for me to give advice and opinions on things. Sometimes we talk about painful books and cry over a death of a character or we just laugh out on everything or simply being contented on the silence of the presence of the two of us. Daddy John is a quiet person but I feel his happiness and concern all the time. I always find him mysterious but he is a simple person who loves to watch Aldub. And Yes, I do like Aldub too. #NoBashing Thanks to this two lovely person who influenced me in a really good and positive way.


  • April 18: This day I received a previous published ARC of Another Day by David Levithan with his greeting of “Happy Birthday” and it was signed by him. It seems I received his gift late, nevertheless, the thought that he sent it to me absolutely makes me happy. Thank you so much David Levithan for being an awesome author! Thank you!


  • Thank you to JM who give me the book Sleeping Giant by Sylvain Neuvel, These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly.
  • Thank you to CL Schneider who give me her book The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price, it was an awesome book — a brilliant fantasy that I read in 2016.
  • Thank you to A. M. Hargrove and Terri E. Laine for choosing me to win a copy of their book, A Mess of A Man – what more I could wish, it was a signed copy!
  • Thank you to L.S. Hilton and to her publisher for giving me a copy of Maestra: A Novel
  • Thank you to Andrea Waltz for sending me a signed book and some book swags that I am happy to receive.
  • Thank you to Elise Kova who keeps on writing a masterpiece. Air Awakens Series is much more exciting than I thought. Her generosity for sending bookmarks is something! She knows how to make her readers happy!
  • Thank you to Kate Tilton and Intisar Khanani for joining on your Twitter Chat! I wouldn’t win signed bookmarks from Intisar if it weren’t for your dedication to spreading the books to readers, internationally.
  • Thank you, GB Gabbler for a copy of The Automation.
  • Thank you to John Irvine for a copy also of The Golden Circuit.
  • Thank you to James Bushill for a copy of Adam.
  • July 19: I received Omnilogos by Michele Amitrani from him! It was also signed and there’s a message only just for me. Thank you, Michele for introducing me to your diverse, expanding and self-reflecting book that could consume my knowledge anytime. Thank you for enlightening me up that world has a lot more to offer.
  • July 21: Thank you Penguin Random House! GUYS! This is the day that I received an e-mail from you guys for an International Blog Tour for The Torch Against The Night by Sabaa Tahir. This day, I really felt that I am officially a book blogger. Thank you so much, guys, for this opportunity. I am really had fun working with you! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
  • August 1: I received the book, Gambit by C.L. Denault. Thank you, Cary! I remember that this day is really exhausting but receiving your book? I don’t mind getting exhausted every day. This book will devour you to Fantasy crossover Science-Fiction and Dystopian. There’s a lot of elements that I’m really looking forward to the second book, cheers to you!


  • September 17: Manila International Book Fair. I’m thanking National Bookstore in here because if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have any books! I got a lot of ARCs from them. That’s why I am thankful.


  • October 9: Appreciation Post for Indie Author’s out there! Thank you, guys! I really love your works, I can’t imagine if any of your books is not there in the wild.


  • Thank you to my blogging partner, Erika from The Nocturnal Fey, who keeps on advising me on book blogging, to life lessons to anything. She is always there for you when you need someone who will listen to you. Thank you, Erika! She also gave me a copy of Warrior With by Danielle Jensen. Thank you, again!


  • Thank you to those people who sent me letters even if I don’t send them one in return! All your letters really meant something to me. Thank you, Kate Evangelista, Jennylyn Ecoy, Rance Dela Cruz, Erika Joy Lopez and Kristen Hunt.
  • Thank you to Ate Jen from The Witch Queen’s Realm for giving me books that have been published locally in Jakarta. Look for Supernova and Departures.


  • Thank you to my author friends — Pintip Dunn, Christine Brae, C.L. Denault, Hazel West, Jesse Roman, Kat Ross, Kate Evangelista, Kristen Hunt, Jennifer Niven, C.L. Schneider, Michele Amitrani, Romina Russell, Sarah Ahiers, Rhoda Belleza, Herbel Santiago, Aaron Safronoff, Elise Kova, J.Z.N. McCauley, Renee Ahdieh, Peter Lerangis, and Tarryn Fisher.
  • Thank you to my blogger friends who are always there — Erika, JM, Ate Amanda, Fay, Hazel, Mark Jayson, Elena and Shealea!
  • I’m just thankful to everyone. Thankful because I have this kind of life — being happy with books and staying awesome. Thank you to Goodreads who keeps me on winning. I don’t know how you guys love me so much but I assure you, the feeling is mutual. Thank you. Thank you. THANK. YOU. Thank you for inspiring me with such great lengths.


Rafael, The Royal Polar Bear


9 thoughts on “Thank you || #TheThanksUGive

    1. I have so much to thank for. I tried to lessen them and limit my gratitude to the people who have been and still part of my bookish community. If I were to add my personal life here… the post would take fifth times of this post! I don’t want anyone to read that much.

      Thank you!

      And yes, One Ok Rock Fan here! ONE OF THE BEST PART OF MY YEAR!


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