Bookish Discussion: What are the reasons why readers DNFed a book?

This question sparked into my mind when a friend of mine tweeted on how do you shelf your DNFed books on Goodreads. Apparently, I became curious of why people DNFed. So, I asked again my bookish community, Pinoy Book Freaks United, the question:


  • Kane: It’s getting draggy.
  • Meryll: The book can trigger a book slump.
  • Jessa: It was boring because the reader is still in a book slump.
  • Joshua: Slow-pacing. Monotonous Tone. Or the reader just got occupied and got busy.
  • Princess: Unbearable Point of Views of the Characters. Laziness.
  • Jocelyn: Too long for their taste. Repetitive parts. Annoying Characters.
  • Sheryl: Cliche overload. I already read something similar to this plot, character or setting.
  • Danna: Too much hype.
  • Cresel: The conflict is so meh.
  • Morris: No character development. No reason behind the character’s personality. Interpretation keeps on changing.
  • Eriele: The characters are like so sweet to the point it gets annoying.
  • Lionel: The protagonist sounds like the last YA Protagonist from another book.
  • Jimbo: School, school, school and did I just say school?
  • Sasa: They don’t like the writing style. The book started great and eventually the satisfaction drops.
  • Hyacinth: The characters are always in pity party.



7 thoughts on “Bookish Discussion: What are the reasons why readers DNFed a book?

  1. Quite a few of the above reasons! I usually DNF if I cannot stand the character. It’s something in their manner that really gets to me. On the other hand, if they’re truly terribly, like unbelievable, I might skim just to see how horrible they are before the end.

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