Blogger Spotlight: Bibliophile Soprano

Today, we were going to know more about Fay from Bibliophile Soprano. She's kind and one of the blogger friends who helped me along the way. I would love to meet her again someday! Maybe, we can talk about Brandon Sanderson's Reckoners Trilogy with a cup of Chamomile Tea. Hi, Fay! PERSONAL LIFE 1. What … Continue reading Blogger Spotlight: Bibliophile Soprano

Blogger Spotlight: Literary Hues

I would like to welcome, Sayyeda from Literary Hues who love cosmetics and books both at the same time. PERSONAL LIFE What book introduces you to fiction novels? Can you name 5 of your favorite books or series? I started reading at a very young age, the first book I remember finishing was Alice in … Continue reading Blogger Spotlight: Literary Hues