BLOG TOUR SIGN UP: Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell

A lot fraction of my friends knew this by now, I am a huge fan of Poetry and I simple love them. From Pablo Neruda’s love poetry to Rupi Kaur’s empowering Milk and Honey. I love it. And now, I want to host a Blog Tour for Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell!

This tour is open both INTERNATIONAL and PH Bloggers.

Before you sign up, here are the details for the blog tour:

1. The sign up will be up until February 14. Yep. That’s Valentine’s Day. You’ll have two weeks to decide. *Pretty Please*

2. I will be choosing everyone who will take an interest to take on this Blog Tour. Poetry Books are easy to read so, It would be wonderful if a lot of people will share about this book.

3. The preferred format that we will be using would be .epub. That way, it would be more convenient.

4. The schedule of the tour will be on February 22, 2016 – March n, 2016 – depends on how many bloggers will sign up. And Yep! That’s my birthday. I would highly appreciate it if this blog tour became a success. It can be your gift as well! (demanding, lol. ūüėõ )

5. Information that I will acquire in this form will be treated highly confidential.


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