Book Review: Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran

29430055Shanthi Sekaran firmly executed what life could people lead in a vast country that could be eaten you whole. Surviving life, living the moment, being strong to the people you love — the bottom line is: People will do everything just to make them whole again. Ms. Shanthi taught me with her book that life wouldn’t be a better world to live in if it wasn’t unfair.

You live in sadness, you try to survive in grief, you fight anxiety along the way, you are standing beside moralities and despite on every misery that happened to you day by day, despite the things you couldn’t protect just by yourself — you continue on living, even if you feel the longingness, the sorrow, the hollow feeling that was once wasn’t there
The author is appraisable that I couldn’t speak of how to praise her. Lucky boy demonstrates the hardship of life, the actions that a mother willing to risk for her son, the people who are willing to do for them to feel complete. It left me wanting more of their story — even if it’s fantastically painful, I would be glad to be immersed to a true depiction of life — because this is what real struggle looks like. You are going to do what you need to do. Not for the love, not for yourself but for your son.
It teaches me that there are so much in life. That I am lucky enough to live without facing this problem. It brought how people are cruel, that they would rape for their own pleasures. It magnifies and provokes the reality with its compelling and excellently written masterpiece. You wouldn’t know that you are already taken with Soli’s world or No. Ignacio’s world.
This book is outstanding. I couldn’t grasp how did the author emphasize the racial discrimination, what was a third world country was like, or how unjustifiable the system is in the government — that even if you were right, no matter your story is, people would only follow what they think is moral that what is more human.
It is eye-opening that develops me on thinking that: In the end, you only have yourself to live by and to trust with. People come and go, and they too, have something to protect.
With the maternal love that I have seen in this book, I don’t know the books to come if they are worth reading. Surely, Shanthi Sekaran set a standard reading preference to her readers. The captivating and immersing writing style will drown you wholly and completely while feeling the emotions that has been set already at the beginning.
For surely, this book, Lucky Boy, will be placed on my Hall of Books. This is life-changing and everyone needs to read a book like this.


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Shanthi Sekaran was born and raised in California, and now splits her time between Berkeley and London. A graduate of UC Berkeley and the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars, she was first published in Best New American Voices 2004 (Harcourt). Her novel, The Prayer Room, will be released in February 2009.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran

  1. I really enjoyed this review, you passed on the inspiration and revelation the book gave you. Your sentence ‘Ms. Shanthi taught me with her book that life wouldn’t be a better world to live in if it wasn’t unfair.’ spoke to me especially. 🙂

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