Book Review: La Douleur Exquise by J.R. Rogue

img_9674I couldn’t deny that the cover of this book gave me high expectations for the content. And same with the title, it gives me enough hope since the meaning of the title could make you hooked in a spark. However, it does not seem to impress me nor to make me really inclined with the book. I couldn’t get connected with her poetries but as I read the poems page by page there’s a jolly melody that has been playing in my head throughout the reading. Maybe, the literature was intentionally as a poetry but accidentally, became a music of symphonies and frequency. It was simple. Maybe, I couldn’t get connected to the book because I haven’t that much grief or longing for a partner being a lover.

As much as I want this book to love me, I couldn’t love it back. This is not just for me and it feels like I wasted my time reading and blogging this book. I hope people will find this book review useful. Since I don’t review the book that much with lower ratings because I believe with the significance of promoting the essence of reading.




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