Book Review: The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace

517bf26ijpl“How could words can be so powerful and enchanting?” My first thought after reading the book. There are a significant power and advocacy that Amanda Lovelace is trying to emphasize on making poetries. It was vast. There’s an impact. She can make simple words, into magnificent phrases, that has a double meaning behind bars.

This is the power of literature. From fiction books to poetry to contemporaries. It teaches us a lot of things. With Amanda Lovelace’s poetry book, the princess saves herself in this one — gave us a gripping, thrilling and exciting poetry that a person couldn’t think to ask. It holds you dearly in the heart and crushes you with the full realization of her message. Wonderfully written and strucking lines that can make her readers stare at nothingness because of the surreality of her poems.
One way or the another, I couldn’t question this book as to why it became the Goodreads Choice Awards of 2016 in Poetry because it deserves its place. And for someone who loves spoken words, this book will slay your belief and will make you enter the true form of the society – ugly and beautiful – and you couldn’t decide which one do you wish to see because either way, it is whether you wish to see the painful truth or the pleasing lie.



15225448amanda lovelace is a poetess & storyteller whose words have been shared in her local coffee shop & her tumblr blogs. she currently lives in new jersey with her fiancé. she received her A.A. in english literature from brookdale community college in 2014. as of 2016, she is working toward her B.A. in english literature & sociology at kean university. what she will do next, nobody knows-not even her. for now, you can find her reading anything she can get her hands on, writing while she should probably be paying attention in class, thinking about writing but not actually writing, drinking an inordinate amount of coffee, & blogging about books. on top of all this she is a lover of all things cat-related as well as a staunch mermaid enthusiast. she considers herself to be a feminist & a social justice advocate. you can also find her as ladybookmad on twitter, instagram, & tumblr.

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