Blogger Spotlight: The Witch Queen Realm

It’s been a long time! I apologize for being hiatus for almost three months! But, don’t fret, The Royal Polar Bear is now back on blogging and getting inspired! To mark the first blog post for May 2017, I introduce to you the Witch Queen, herself! Jennylyn from The Witch Queen’s Realm for my Blogger Spotlight!


  1. What book introduces you to fiction novels? Can you name 5 of your favorite books or series?

My father had this book when he was in college that is for their English class (I don’t know why an electrical engineering student has a book that should be for a Lit student, oh well). So it was a collection of short Filipino stories will analysis and questions and such, I love it! There was where I met F. Sionil Jose, Manuel Arguilla, Antonio Gabila, and many other Filipino authors that have been long forgotten. It’s where I grew to love Filipino literature and learned about the ways people have during the Martial Law era and the times before that. It’s just sad that I haven’t saved the book.

Five most favorite books/series! Now, this is hard. I love all my babies and I don’t want to play favorites among them, but here goes:

  • Harry Potter series (JK Rowling)
  • The Lord of The Rings (JRR Tolkien)
  • The Air Awakens series (Elise Kova)
  • The Time Traveller’s Wife (Audrey Niffeneger)
  • And!!! Ugly Love (Colleen Hoover), All The Bright Places (Jennifer Niven), Slammed series (Colleen Hoover), The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald), Lila ang Kulay ng Pamamaalam (RM Palacio) [you have to read this book!!!], Para Kay B (Ricky Lee) and Bob Ong’s books (it’s full of satirical stories).

2. How did you start to like reading as a habit? Do you have any other habits aside from reading novels?

  • When I was a child, my uncle had a subscription to the local newspaper. I would read it every morning while drinking a hot cup of coffee. Kidding on the drinking coffee part, I was not allowed to drink coffee yet that time. But yeah, I would read the news every morning.
  • Other habits aside from reading? Hmmm, I write a lot. Poems and narratives and whatever comes flowing through my mind. Also, I love watching movies and musicals. And please listen to Hamilton!!!

3. If you are going to date someone, fictional or not, dead or alive, who would it be and why? What are the things that you are going to do on your date?

Jay Gatsby. He’s the most mysterious person I know and I want to know more about him. I want to know everything about him. We’ll go on a long walk and we’ll just talk. Maybe over coffee. Really, I just want to talk to him.

Also, I want to go out with a certain Polar Bear because I always miss him.

4. Name some of your favorite authors and give them a brief description of why are they your favorites. (I know that this question will be difficult, feel free to answer as many as you want!)

  • JK Rowling – I always admire the lady. Not just because she has created such a wonderful world for us witches and wizards, but I admire her guts and heart. I admire how strong she is and how much of an inspiration she is to many people.
  • Elise Kova – she’s the sweetest!! Also, I want to know more about her.
  • RM Palacio – I just discovered him last year (Dec 2016). I admire his work on Lila and I want to know if Lila is a real person. Also, it seems like he is someone I can talk to about anything. And I want to read more from him.
  • Ricky Lee – Sir Ricky is really good at telling stories about the current situation of the country and its people in an entertaining way. He can write about ordinary people and its lives that are parallel to the real world but also not. (If you know what I mean)

5. If you are going to give advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be?

  • Don’t be too lazy. And do not hesitate to ask questions and speak up your mind.


  1. What made you start to do book blogging?
    • I started blogging because I just want to have a place where I can dump in all my thoughts, poems, narratives and whatever that comes in my mind. I don’t really make reviews about the books I read because I don’t know how to put into words all emotions I had while reading the book. And then, someone (pointing finger at you) told me, why not book blog? I said why not, maybe that way I can influence people to read my favorite books.
  2. What was the most difficult part of book blogging?
    • Putting all my emotions into words! Really, it is hard. I always find it hard to make an unbiased book review sometimes especially when I already fell in love with the story.
  3. Interacting with people from different places, virtually, how did you gather so many followers? If you have one thing to thanks to your followers, what would it be?
    • I have many followers? Haha! Uhm, what to say to few people who spend the time to read my little blog? Thank you! I don’t know if anyone reads my little space but I’m grateful to those people who really read it. It’s not much but I love my little world.
  4. What do you think is the disadvantage of bloggers?
    • Bloggers are mostly stereotyped as nerds and introverts and people tend to think that they don’t have a life OUTSIDE the world that they created for themselves. But, in my opinion, bloggers are the most sociable people in the world. They can make friends anywhere they went. (Or it’s just me. Lol)
  5. Mention some Book Blogging Friends that you would love to see in person!
    • The Royal Polar Bear
    • The Nocturnal Fey
    • JM of Bookfreak Revelations


  1. Name some favorite book of yours according to your genre preferences.
    • Fantasy/High-Fantasy  – LOTR/HP
    • NA-Contemporary – Bright Side series
    • YA-Contemporary – Stephanie Perkins books
    • LGBTQ – Simon Vs the Homo-Sapiens Agenda, Two Boys Kissing
    • Sci-Fi – Omnilogos
  2. How do you pick the books that you are going to read next?
    • Depending on my mood. Or depending on the genre of the last book I read.
  3. SHOW US YOUR BOOKSHELF! Describe it.
    • I don’t have a bookshelf! Okay, I have this small-ish shelf wherein I put all my TBR (and review books) and most of my books are in boxes (for easy relocating).
  4. What are the books and authors that influence you as a reader?
    • Same as the books and authors I listed above.
  5. What is your one ultimate favorite quote from a book and why?
    • “Do epic.” – Kate Sedgwick, Bright Side

28059e15772b6c291d95ef1ed01fec8a.jpegJen is a reader who is attracted to love and pain. She has a neutral personality where optimism balances her pessimist character. She’s an ambivert, who loves crowds as much as she loves being alone. Sunsets are the most beautiful thing for her, only because she doesn’t have the ability (and willpower) to wake up early. Bring her to any museum and bookstore out there; you will see her eyes shining. She loves coffee more than anything else, more than The Royal Polar Bear’s Chamomile Tea.


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