Mini Review: Poems by Allan Poe

This is my first time trying to read a Poem made by a Filipino Author that I crossed with Ateneo de Manila University Press – I don’t know what to feel when I was reading Poems by Allan Poe. It feels like, I don’t feel what was the author wants to portray or what he want us to see. There are phrases that I found connected with but there are a lot of times that I found myself lost while reading it. I was so confused or was it the exact feelings or experience that the author wants his readers to feel while reading his works? One way or another, this one is not for me but it is such a good thing that I found out that there’s a Filipino Literature, especially in Poetry, that Ateneo is conducting. More power to Filipinos and Thank you Dia Del Libro, if it wasn’t for that event I wouldn’t discover this.

Disclaimer: I couldn’t find a soft copy of the cover of the book. I checked the Ateneo de Manila University Press, the poetry book wasn’t listed there. I looked for the author’s Goodreads account and it seems that he is not registered as an author or a member of the community.



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