Book Review: Boyhood by Charlie Samuya Veric

240016_big.jpgI also acquired this poetry book from Dia Del Libro 2017 event here in Manila. Unlike Poems by Allan Poe, I think, I connected well with Boyhood by Charlie Samuya Veric. I was swayed by his words and I felt nostalgic, growing up and the thoughts of discovering. It felt like I was in a rural and urban all at once. He depicts the nature and controls his words to truly conspire the meaning he wants his readers to see in their imagination. What I felt with this lyric is raw, both pure and impure, self-discovery and finding thyself. I don’t know if I captured the meaning right, how should I put this, but at the end – from every last line, I could feel a longing in there. It was so confessional that I was hooked into it. And my verdict? I found this poetry intriguing and I would love to read more poetries by Sir Charlie Veric. Thank you, Ateneo de Manila University Press!


4272529.jpgBorn in Aklan, Veric was educated in Diliman, Katipunan, and New Haven where he earned his doctorate in American Studies from Yale University. A widely published author, he teaches at the Ateneo.


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