Blogger Spotlight: Iridescence

Iridescence is one of my virtual friend who’ve I found thru Twitter! A blogger who constantly promote the books that she loves! Especially now, A Court of Wings and Ruin just released, she’s an avid fan! I tell you! Anyway, let’s welcome Iridescence from Light Up The Shining Night Stars!


1. What book introduced you to fiction novels? Can you name 5 of your favorite books or series?

I used to read small comic books which my mom used to bring for me sometimes. But for actual novels, it was Awakened by P.C. and Kristen Cast which got me into fiction. I had joined newly to a library at 10 years old and liked the cover of this book, so I picked it up and liked it (even though it wasn’t the first book of the series).
My favorites: The Hunger Games trilogy—it got me into dystopia! Legend trilogy by Marie Lu. Definitely ACOTAR and Throne of Glass series. And the Shatter Me trilogy.
2. How did you start to like reading as a habit? Do you have any other habits aside from reading novels?
I spent a lot of time alone and my mom loved reading as a child herself so she used to bring short stories and comics for me to spend my time. After getting a library membership, books became an escape and I simply kept reading. 
I also like doing crafts, lettering, sketching and journaling.
3. If you are going to date someone, fictional or not, dead or alive, who would it be and why? What are the things that you are going to do on your date?
Honestly, no one comes to mind from real life, and I’m not an exact match for any of the perfect fictional boys. If I had to choose, I guess I would pick Aaron Warner from the Shatter Me trilogy. He’s exactly the guy I’d be good against as I’m quite fun-loving and kiddish, and that would loosen him up. (Gosh I’m saying this as if justifying our relationship). On our date, I guess we would go for an event like a flea market or something. I’m not a fan of the usual dinner and movies.
4. Name some of your favorite authors and give them a brief description of why are they your favorites. (I know that this question will be difficult, feel free to answer as many as you want!)
Sarah J. Maas: Because not only are her books awesome and give ALL THE FEELS, she’s really cool too, as a person. I’ve seen some of her interview clips and book signing clips where she’s just this person who can’t believe that people get tattoos about her books or that it means so much to them. 
Cassandra Clare: For having tons of imagination and not being afraid of critics to continue writing about the world she loves. I know that many criticize how she keeps writing on the Shadowhunter world and should branch out or stop. But its her choice, and there are so many of us who would just welcome her writing.
5. If you are going to give advice to your 10-year-old self, what would it be?
You will still feel out of place, misunderstood, unnoticed and different, but embrace it because all of it simply makes you more beautiful, and one day you’ll find others who think the same. So be awkward, be weird, love books to no extent and be who you are. Stop trying to please everyone, and work on pleasing yourself.


1. What made you start to do book blogging?

I was looking at Goodreads reviews and decided to post my own. A few reviews later I saw that Goodreads gave an HTML code to post reviews on our blogs, and in a second I decided that I’ll try that. I hopped on to WordPress, made a blog, chose names out of the blue and had my blog running in a few hours.
2. What was the most difficult part of book blogging?
I always feel incompetent looking at other blogs because I always find things that I could do better. But honestly, if I did all of that, I’d either have no time to read anymore or I’d have to quit school and sit at home for this all day. I guess the most difficult part was—is—to accept the way I blog and believe that people will love it too.
3. Interacting with people from different places, virtually, how did you gather so many followers? If you have one thing thanks to your followers, what would it be?
I honestly have no idea how I managed to get so many followers! It still gives me a shock to look at the digits in my stats or notifications. I simply went on other blogs and did the usual thing of commenting, liking and following when I wanted to. After that, I realized that I must add tags. Slowly, people started viewing my blog and it grew! I actually didn’t make a twitter or Instagram account for my blog for MONTHS. All the growth occurred solely through WordPress.
4. What do you think is the disadvantage of bloggers?
I guess it’s that we spend way more time online, for a whole new reason! Blogging—whether it’s about typing the actual posts, designing the blog, replying to comments, social media stuff—all of it takes a huge chunk of time from our schedules. I always feel a regret that I’m not doing anything worth my free time, that I’m not learning something new etc. I just spend so much time blogging.
5. Mention some Book Blogging Friends that you would love to see in person!

I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to meet Elm, Aditi, and Charley. Sure, there are many others too, but I would jump at the first chance to meet these three.


1. Name some favorite book of yours according to your genre preferences.

NA Romance: All Colleen Hoover books, really. But if I had to choose, definitely Hopeless. Also, Fighting Redemption by Kate McCarthy.
Dystopian: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi! Legend by Marie Lu, and the first three books of the Selection series by Keira Cass.
Fantasy: ACOTAR books and Throne of Glass series.
Fiction: Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, which is an all-time favorite of mine.
Middle Grade: Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine, which is also an all-time favorite.
YA contemporary: Speak by Lauri Halse Anderson
Historical Fiction: My Lady Jane by Brodie Ashton, Cynthia Hand, and Jodi Meadows
2. How do you pick the books that you are going to read next?
Depending on my current mood, really! The amazing invention of ebooks helps my sporadic wishes. When I have the mood to read a certain genre, I go on Goodreads, surf a bit and get a book.
It isn’t very impressive considering most books I read came from the library or are in the form of ebooks. Right now, I only have one bookshelf for all my college stuff, art supplies etc along with books. It’s a crammed mess.
4. What are the books and authors that influence you as a reader?
Books on depression, anxiety, feminism and freedom touch me. I remember reading Speak and crying silently for hours after turning the last page. Books on sensitive issues that are still seen as taboo in many places influence me a lot.
5. What is your one ultimate favorite quote from a book and why?
I don’t really collect many quotes from books. All of them are the same to me, you know? The quotes I love tend to be ones which aren’t much noticed, don’t have an exact direct perfect meaning, but still describes so much. The one quote that comes to mind now is “I guess the world really does end with a whimper. A whole lot of quiet. A million things unsaid. Until it’s too late to say them.” This is from the book Suffer Llove by Ashley Herring Blake.

7e7cf9df07de692ed202e10890fa0843.jpeg18-year-old girl obsessed with music, books and everything words. You can come to fangirl with her, or volunteer as tribute and let her fangirl to you. She also gives free virtual hugs.


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  1. Hi! This is Iridescence. I changed my blog name and am now going by my real name as well. I was hoping you could edit your post to change that? Thank you!


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