Book Review: Ines’ Words by Haidji

29996977.jpgThe ending of this book – I didn’t expect it to be that way. I love it. Actually, I was hooked by the introduction of the book and the line that has been said, “Until the end of the world.” And I really think that the line is so much sweeter and has

“Until the end of the world.”

And I really think that the line is so much sweeter and has a deeper meaning when you are pertaining to your love one than “I love you.” Haidji has this way of knowing what kind of feelings she wants her readers to feel. I couldn’t comprehend nor describe what was – am feeling right now regarding the book. The cover may not seem that enticing but it was interesting enough to read. With the author’s break with this book, I am definitely going to read her works! You couldn’t imagine how fascinated I am right now and find a book to read about ‘The Death Queen.”


7202532.jpgHer interest in art began at the age of four when she got a blackboard for Christmas.
She then started to draw objects around the house: chairs, tables, and so on.
As she was 12 she started to write her stories and poems. Handwritten and hand painted books for family and friends.
Her University education was at the University of Applied Science at Idar-Oberstein, Germany, where she obtained a Diploma (equivalent to a Master’s Degree) in Jewelry and Precious Stones Design, and Painting. She is also a qualified Goldsmith.

Haidji is a talented and creative artist who produces abstract work that resonates with warmth and life.
Her stories create images in the reader’s mind, as would a word be a brushstroke painting inside your imagination.
There is a very spiritual feel to her work, almost an otherworldliness.

A captiving blend of Brazilian flair, Teutonic precision and Dutch pragmatism makes Haidji’s work unique, appealing and thought-provoking.
Since 1995 Haidji has exhibited her work, realised her projects and told her stories in many countries: Germany, Brazil, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, England, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Australia, and the United States.


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