Book Review: Bending The Universe by Justin Wetch

Poweful. Diverse. Raw. Explosive. Bending the Universe is a collection poetry consisting of five parts that divided into society, love, life, personal and nature categories that readers, or so over, poetic readers will love the alternating mixture of feelings that Justin Wetch delivers with his poems. I really wasn’t expecting when I checked the book out and the only thought that I have when I read the summary on Goodreads is that the cover designer, whoever made and illustrate that, gave justice to the design of the cover of the book. Moreover, choosing the font style is equally fascinating too. It gave me the vibes of a beautiful website in print. Taking place the outside appearance of the book, I would totally say that it makes people curious and attractive. I definitely fall in love with the cover.

Meet the author and the book!


Let’s talk about the poems inside the literature. In my opinion, the first poems are the ones who gave justice or at least the one that sets the standard of expectations along the others. I was thrilled to say that my expectations are exceeded. It was beautifully and intelligently crafted. I got so hooked. I’ve never encounter a poem that really talks about society, specifically, and it was so good that I’ve had to finish everything in one sitting. I mean, most poems are originated in the feelings and the most feelings that you could root for is from love but this is something new. It is diverse and it spoke the truth of the society. It talks about the dictatorship of the society, it tells you what to do and it simply, outstand my well-being.

While reading the poetries, I thought that Bending the Universe is a lyrical poetry that really speaks truthfully in the heart and surprisingly, I could imagine it being performed as a spoken word poetry. It has a meaning and everyone who will be reading this will find what I am talking about. And that’s just not it, the love category drives me a little bit crazy because, page by page, the emotions and feelings are changing. I don’t know if I should feel joyous or sad or lonely or achingly – in the end, I just choose to break. It’s kind of good and the writing style is rhythmical. This also goes for Life and Personal category. They both strikingly magnificently well-written.

And the last one is nature, this one is my personal favorite. I don’t know. As I go on reading this part, I could literally imagine in my head what was happening and that last poem! One of the poems that I’ve ever read that has really made an impact on me.

Bending the Universe may look like an ordinary collection of poetry to you but I’m telling you this as early as now that this book can change how you perceive in life – your mindset, opinions, and even personality may change – because I believe that this book does not aim just to share the adventure of the author or his personal feelings but also to make people stand up for what is right and for what they believe in, to see the mistakes in majority and change the way of life. This is how I see this poetry book. Honest and Beautiful.



Justin Wetch is an artist, poet, photographer, musician, pretentious egomaniac, and messy-haired fool from Palmer, Alaska. He published this book at the age of 19 while a freshman at the University of Alaska Anchorage. He enjoys artistic endeavors and connecting with people. Justin grew up in Palmer, Alaska where he discovered a love of the arts by appreciating the beauty of Alaska through photography. Justin ultimately hopes to create films.


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