Book Review: Karmic Hearts by Jhing Bautista + Cover Artist Interview

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Interesting. Intriguing. It keeps me on reading the story as I feel the fluffy, light romance building in my chest! I mean, I never expected that I would like the story. I had a hard time reading the first few chapters but before I knew, I already at the last page of the book and I have the feeling of wanting it more? It is indeed a great story that I never expected that I would like. The writing style stays true to its form and it just keeps on getting more engaging by the time I keep on reading.

From the few chapters in the beginning to the middle chapters of the story, I could feel the love, the awareness, the acceptance of loving. Mina, the protagonist, falling in love is an understatement. It is so compelling because of Jhing Bautista, the author herself, wrote a good story and whenever I’m thinking my reading experience, I felt joy, happiness and hopeful. It feels like a little bit of everything in their balance state.

Karmic Hearts is a good read and it keeps me more absorbed than more pop fiction books that I’ve ever read before. The story makes me more curious. Here I thought, that the book is a usual love story with full of clichés, but it wasn’t. I was wrong all along. It is full of faith and courage, full of stories and lesson, and above all, it is full of longing and living through love even if it was painful. In addition, it made me more curious and read more. How could she end a book like that? I would never satisfied with this! I want more and I would definitely keep on wanting more.

It’s not about the ending. What’s more important is the journey, how they got to where they wanted to go.

I was a bit satisfied how things turn out even at some point, I got irritated with Mina. She’s the embodiment of dense, slow, and insensitive. I don’t exactly understand her at some point but I’ll just believe that’s one of the traits of women that guys wouldn’t understand. Ever. However, Cupid is the definition of sweet, humor, and of course, love itself. It was good to see people falling in love in the story but it was better to see two characters falling in love more without them realizing it. For that, I would like to thank Jhing Bautista because this is the perfect ending that I could think of for the book and I didn’t expect how Karmic Hearts would end. Very satisfying.

One more thing, I would like to commend the author for executing that ending well because I really didn’t see it coming. Anyway, you better read Karmic Hearts guys. I wasn’t a fan of light romance before this but it changes how I perceived love and it taught me some aspect of love that we incorporate in our life that everything has a purpose, that everyone leads to something, that love is in you – in us.

Promise me that no matter whom you meet and fall for, you’ll remember that I loved you first.



  1. How long did it take you to design the cover of Karmic Hearts? Can you share with us your process?

It took me 3 nights (I work in the morning), if I remember correctly, to produce the cover. As for my process when illustrating, I first study the brief which contains the character profile/s, the setting/premise of the scene, and a short excerpt from where that particular scene was taken. It’s really important to me to study what I’m working on. I then proceed with the sketch, then go to base coloring/painting, and the last step is to adjust colors and add other elements in Photoshop for the final art.

Gummy worms are an integral part of my process. I’ve also been listening to a lot of k-pop these days. I always listen to music when I draw! 🙂

  1. What was the most challenging part of designing the Karmic Hearts cover?

It’s the aurora in the background! It was a really slow process since I really wanted to captivate its beauty. That alone took me like a whole night.

  1. If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

An engineer or a chef!

  1. Name an artist that you admire. How did they inspire you?

There are a lot since I try to appreciate all forms of art. But since this interview was about my illustration, I would go with J.C. Leyendecker. His works just have that right amount of realism but it also feels like his works are trying to stretch the boundaries of what realism can be. Of course, there’s also that jaw-dropping composition fml.

  1. What was the best piece of advice you’ve received and how did it change your outlook on life?

This is something that my senior designer at work told me. Not his exact words but it’s along these lines: “If you try to embody whatever it is you’re working on and take that extra step, it’ll make a difference on whatever it is you’re trying to do.” I really try to do this all the time since I find it hard to express myself. Haha!

  1. What is your advice to aspiring artists?

Just do whatever it is you’re comfortable with doing. Don’t compare yourself to others. Keep on exploring! And don’t be afraid of new things. In short, don’t be a normie. (JK, it’s okay to be a normie if that’s your thing.) This “Be yourself” message has been said sooo many times but I think it’s the best advice I can give to aspiring artists. 🙂


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Jhing Bautista is part Mina and part Cupid. She’s a romantic, but she’s not totally hopeless. She just has no sense of direction, both on the streets and in life.

She believes that people are part of a great story and when they move, their actions create ripples across the universe. These ripples affect all individuals and, in turn, affect the people around them, until the remnants of their choices boomerang back to them, creating a perfect circle we call karma.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Karmic Hearts by Jhing Bautista + Cover Artist Interview

  1. I should have visited your blog sooner! 🙂 that is a lovely cover, and such a cool idea to interview the artist. And I also often have prejudices about “oh this is gonna be shallow” and it turns out to be the complete opposite! Happened with Red Rising as well (posting a review next Monday). I thought it would be standard and YA-ish, but it turned out to be so epic, serious and strong.

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