Book Review: (You Broke Me) Open by Brynn Taylor

34914630Transparent and Exhilarating. Painful and yet healing. You Broke Me Open by Brynn Taylor speaks so much of her thoughts and it is so humane. It has compassion, determination, confident and positive outlook. I did enjoyed a lot of poems in her book and I could definitely relate to some of the poems.

I thought, I already knew what pain hurts the most but I never would imagined that I’ll encounter an another form of pain in this poetry. It was a different kind of pain and I immersed myself into it. It caught up to my thoughts and I felt like I would like to cry inside my body.

It reveals what the authors think but what stands out for me is that the author is yearning because she inflicted pain to someone who has been haunted by the once was love in the past and still couldn’t held of himself in the present. What’s more painful than that is both of you are afraid and this? This is exactly what I feel when I was reading it. Miserably accepting life has fated with us and heartbreakingly devouring that the cruel reality will stay cruel as life keeps on going on. 

You Broke Me Open by Brynn Taylor is a short read. Composed of series of poem that will let you have a glimpse of a human who is hurting, accepting and trying to heal herself. You’ll hate it. You’ll love it. Does it matter what you feel? Hating and loving goes hand in hand and if they are in balance that’s when life forms.



k0a4835-1If you are looking for an expert to give you love and life tips then you have come to the wrong place. I am not an expert on anything, in fact, there are very few things in life of which I am absolutely certain. I will never claim to get things right the first time, or even the second or third. I am nothing more than an average girl who is hard-wired to want to contribute to the well being of others. I believe that the world is founded on compassion and we move in the direction of things that help us benefit others, and ultimately help us find purpose in ourselves. This blog is simply a result of my compassion and intrinsic motivation. Without the motivation to do the things we love, we accomplish very little, but with enduring passion and desire to help make the world a better place, we can inspire others. I hope that this blog will help serve as an inspiration for people who are experiencing struggle, and if nothing else, people will find it entertaining. Although I will be talking about my direct experiences, I encourage everyone to contribute and comment about their own life journey. If you are here to judge, there is a contact me section where you can send all your negativity, but for the sake of this blog, I am asking that all posts stay positive and happy and any negative comment will be deleted. But whether you hate it or love it, thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, B


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