Book Review: Godblind by Anna Stephens

32072924Interesting. Unexpected. Shocking. Godblind has this tone of writing style that will let you hooked into the story once you figured out what was happening. I need to emphasize that Anna Stephens on writing such intricate and compelling story with a diverse and multiple points of views that exude different opinions because reading the book could be hard but if you have the grasped of it, it will flow smoothly while writing it in multiple perspectives. So, I commend you Anna Stephens for executing the story so well that I devoured the book slowly.

I already included this in my tweet that I had a hard time figuring out what was happening on the 1st page and when I figured it out. I have blown away. Like, what did just happened? This is the first chapter, right? Damn. This is scary, gore and brute. I was like, “I’m going to look forward to the story.” And I did. I just never expected that I’m going to dive deep down on this book and will love it all the way through. I finished reading the book at 3 o clock in the morning and if I don’t need to sleep, I’ll probably tweet the author right away because I need the second book already!

I already mention that this book is composed of multiple perspectives of the characters that almost literally everyone in the book has a spotlight. I really think that it was beautifully amazing – although hard to write, it was written well. I could see the character’s perspective and what was happening in their situation. There are times that I was so looking forward to the progress of the story that I didn’t realize that I’m almost done with the book. There is also a time that I’m looking forward to what fucked up situation could happen and surely, there are some things that this novel has to offer. One advice for those who are planning to read this book: Prepare your heart.

There are a lot of characters that are relevant to the story, it was them who drives the plot away and makes everything more interesting. There are sub stories that are yet to be discovered there are questions that are yet to be answered, and there are yet plots to be revealed. And I’m really looking forward because everyone, every character in here is so overwhelming. There are villains that you would hate and there are villains that you would love. Like Galtas that I’m hating but liking all the same because he’s kind of the mastermind but I don’t want him to die if he will or not because I’m looking forward how villain he is or how he would destroy other characters. There is King Corvus that who is savage when it comes talking to The Blessed One, Lanta, and yet, I’m already loving his personality because of his choice of words and how he displays such vibe of being an authoritarian misogyny king.

Talking about characters I never expected that the story will start off with Rillirin, a slave for nine years in Mireces, who killed the former King Laris [I promise that this is not a spoiler!] and still at the end, her significance is yet to determine. I was still curious about her. Then there’s Dom who is a calestar, he told prophecies or hint of what is happening or what could happen in the future. I’m not really sure about his character but I’m enjoying his company with Rillirin. There’s also Ash and Crys who shook me in the story. I was smiling when Ash is trying to tease Crys and when the story advances, things advance too! Which is so unexpected. Anna Stephens knows how to write her characters, she nailed their feelings, expressions, and emotions. Also, I’m so looking forward to those little details that she is giving us with.

Another thing that I’ve seen in the book is that there are a quite number of female characters with strong personality. I commend Tara here who still have my eyes on and looking forward to her character development. Durdil, who struck me as a humble servant and yet, reading the summary of the second book makes my eyes happy. He is relevant to the story and I’m going to anticipate his big role in the trilogy.

This book is brutal at times, mild at some point but one thing is for sure. Everyone has a principle, they have things that they want to do and to protect, there are things that they want to achieve —  and it is purely amazing because I’m not sure what to look forward in the second installment. I’m not ready but I want to read the continuation. It may be explicit but it won’t hinder the story because it was made like that. A gemstone wanting to be found by the readers.

Other good things about this book, the characters are being introduced slowly which the readers could cope up with. It makes easier for us as the story goes on. It was good and brilliant all the same. There is a hint of quite a few issues that I really think relevant to the story as it has the vibe of ancient civilization, like misogyny, discrimination, sexual violence and homosexuality that could be sensitive but nevertheless, those characteristics are essential to depicting one true form of a character.

Godblind speaks to me. It was one of the books that I’m really anticipating next. It made me want more of it. I’m shocked when I found out the meaning of Godblind. It was mention already in the book. It was obvious when you looked back. Damn. Anna Stephens has this kind of writing that you’ll just forget what was on your mind because of what was happening on the chapter you are reading. I’m telling you, guys. One hell of a ride. This book is a must read. It will make your jaw dropped and realized what did she just wrote. 

I can’t wait for Splitsoul [title may change] because the Red Gods are Rising.


3868039Anna Stephens is a UK-based author of gritty epic fantasy. Her debut novel, Godblind, is published through Harper Voyager in June 2017, with the sequels coming in 2018 and 2019.

They say blood begets blood. In the country of Rilpor, if you spill enough of it, blood begets gods.

Anna has a BA (Hons) in Literature from the Open University and has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She much prefers the worlds she makes up to the real thing, even if most of her characters meet sticky ends.

Anna lives with her husband, a huge book, music and movie collection, and no pets. She intends to remedy this lack of furry friends as soon as fame and fortune strike.

You can help her realise her twin dreams of being an author and a proud dog-walker by buying her book. Thanks.


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