Book Review: Gus by Kim Holden

Realistic. Painful. Literally one of the best romance books that I've ever read. Bright Side teaches us that in every aspect of life - there are ups and down and in every negativity we experience, we just have to find the good in a situation. It will make our day more tolerable than we thought … Continue reading Book Review: Gus by Kim Holden

Interview with Charissa Ong Ty!

1. You told in the Philippine Readers and Writers Festival that you got your heart broken and that’s when you find the courage to start writing Midnight Monologues, on the process of writing the poems did you ever find yourself moving on little by little and how was it? Yes, it's actually my method of coping. … Continue reading Interview with Charissa Ong Ty!

Book Review: Midnight Monologues by Charissa Ong Ty

Three type of pain was inflicted to my being while I was reading Midnight Monologues. Stinging Pain. Hanging Pain. Leaving Pain. Midnight Monologues is a good poetry book that could provide different kinds of voices per line in one poem. It will leave you wanting more even if you know, in the back of my … Continue reading Book Review: Midnight Monologues by Charissa Ong Ty