Book Review: Morning Star by Pierce Brown

18966806Satisfied. So many heartaches. Undeniably one of the best ending of a trilogy. Morning Star didn’t just captivates my whole attention in the story at all but also how it was executed so well that I couldn’t think any plot holes in the trilogy. It was one of the best rides I’ve ever had in the book, as well as the most painful one among the three books. I’m in tears for so many times that I had this need to stop myself to read what will come next – I even retaliate, prevent to read the book most of the times since I couldn’t hold so many heartaches in one sitting.

Although it teaches a lot of values, acceptance, second chances – for a better generation; it still exudes so much manipulation. It was the best ally of Pierce Brown when he was writing the trilogy. He could manipulate and control his readers. Over their own emotion, on our feelings – I can, at least, say that it was good and worth it. What I didn’t see coming with this book is how the characters I’m attached to were saying farewell bits by bits and it’s making me so emotional that I had to curse at times.

It was a roller coaster reading this trilogy. Sympathy is displaying so much with Darrow as Sevro shows remorse and forgiveness. You can see Mustang being so protective and on alert. Characters in this book are real – they felt real as if they are people I’ve been with while on the journey of reading the novels. Sacrifice embodies the literature, blood covers the story and I don’t know how to describe the book without shedding tears.

Morning Star is a well-written book that I would love to applause Pierce Brown. He nailed it and it was one of those books that readers would hold dear. Courageous, being humane, and having a heart for the people are few things that Morning Star teaches me. It may be rude, violent and immoral but at the end, it will teach you life and how you should live by with your own decisions. I love how everything fits together and Brown never ceases to amaze me everytime I read his books. For you, I wish you grab this book and give it a chance. It is worth your money, time and attention. It gives us more than hope and life in return. And as you finish the series, you’ll have way more understanding where I was coming.


Quotable Quotes that I love in the series:

  • “You and I keep looking for light in the darkness, expecting it to appear. But it already has.” I touch his shoulder. “We’re it, boyo. Broken and cracked and stupid as we are, we’re the light, and we’re spreading.”
  • “justice isn’t about fixing the past, it’s about fixing the future. We’re not fighting for the dead. We’re fighting for the living. And for those who aren’t yet born.”
  • “This is always how the story would end,” he says to me. “Not with your screams. Not with your rage. But with your silence.”
  • “In his eyes I glimpse the loneliness, the longing for a life that should have been, and the glimmer of the man he wants to be underneath the man he thinks he has to be.”
  • “Life’s not just a matter of breathing, it’s a matter of being.”

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LRM_EXPORT_20170828_151357Pierce Brown’s first novel, RED RISING (Del Rey Books), debuts January 28, 2014. It is the first installment in The Red Rising Trilogy.

Pierce Brown spent his childhood building forts and setting traps for his cousins in the woods of six states and the deserts of two. Graduating college in 2010, he fancied the idea of continuing his studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a magical bone in his body. So while trying to make it as a writer, he worked as a manager of social media at a startup tech company, toiled as a peon on the Disney lot at ABC Studios, did his time as an NBC page, and gave sleep deprivation a new meaning during his stint as an aide on a U.S. Senate Campaign.

Now he lives in Los Angeles, where he scribbles tales of spaceships, wizards, ghouls, and most things old or bizarre.

Note to the reader: Always feel free to contact him via his website, twitter, or facebook. He likes people. Except if you’re a trollish person. Then he merely puts up with you for the sake of manners and propriety.

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9 thoughts on “Book Review: Morning Star by Pierce Brown

  1. Oh my gosh this is an AMAZING review! I loved reading it and it has me more excited than EVER to continue this series!!!! I only recently finished Red Rising and I am so excited (and afraid) to read what happens next!

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  2. I still haven’t read the first book in this series! Gasp! I know! I’m getting to it in November – come hell or high water! Obviously I didn’t read the review because I would spoil myself, but I did read that you were satisfied – which makes me even more excited to get to this series!!!

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